Pitch Perfect

16 Jul

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Pitching your company to investors may be one of the most daunting duties of an early-stage CEO, but a confident, concise, and compelling pitch may be what stands between you and your fundraising goals. Life Science Nation (LSN) CEO, Dennis Ford lays out a roadmap navigating investor pitches and more on The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto, and includes tips to nail a pitch session:

Tell your story. When investors have a foundational understanding of the roots of your organization, they get a better feel for the drivers of the company as a whole and can more easily put their trust in you.

Address the market. Discuss the medical need your product is addressing and what treatment options are currently available for it. Here you have the opportunity to capture the investors’ attention by showing them the potential revenue their firm may realize if your product reaches the market.

Hit them with the technology. Having high energy and excitement when explaining the technology shows that you yourself believe in the product and that what you are working on is innovative and investment-worthy.

Know what you want. Highlight exactly how much of the requested funding is going to be spent on the various activities your company must perform.

Remember that practice makes perfect. A CEO needs to be comfortable delivering the pitch at any point in time. Be prepared to introduce your company clearly and concisely, and make sure to practice delivering the important details, whether you have one minute or five.

LSN is introducing two new opportunities for life science executives to get their message in front of investors. Digital RESI September and 4D Meets AI are two partnering conferences where early-stage companies can apply for a spot on a Featured Company Pitch Session. These sessions enable CEOs to pitch directly investors and host a live Q&A session. Each company delivers a pre-recorded pitch hosted on a dedicated page enabled for downloadable materials and connected to a live agenda for easy access and optimal exposure.

Featured Company Pitch Sessions ensures that companies are seen and that their messages are heard. Click here to apply for a spot at Digital RESI September, which connects early-stage products with capital and channel partners. Click here to apply for a spot at 4D Meets AI, advancing drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health through the power of artificial intelligence.

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