Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate Venture Fund Invests Up to $10M in Pre-Clinical, Novel Oncology/Immuno-Oncology Technologies

28 Aug

A corporate venture fund invests strategically on behalf of the parent company, which has a global presence. The firm is interested in life science opportunities globally, and expects to make 3-4 new investments per year. The firm typically invests about $10 million over the life of an investment.  The fund is typically a lead investor, and participates in syndicates with other investment firms. The firm does not attach rights or options to equity investments; the fund’s allocations are ‘no strings attached’. The firm considers opportunities globally but focuses on Europe, Middle East and North America.

The firm is strategically mandated to invest in opportunities with therapeutic platform technologies. The firm is only interested in novel technologies; while the fund will consider investing in any form of therapeutic technology, regenerative medicine, cell therapies and gene therapies are the areas of greatest interest. The fund is focused on investing in oncology (particularly immuno-oncology), but will also consider opportunities in other indication areas. The firm generally invests in preclinical assets.

The firm invests in technologies of strategic importance to the corporate. The firm only invests in privately held companies. The firm typically does not invest in single asset opportunities; only companies with multiple pipeline assets are of interest. The firm is often the first outside investor in a company, and prefers to invest in opportunities where the firm’s allocation can secure a meaningful stake in the company (a board seat is a requirement).

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