Hot Investor Mandate: Large USA-Based VC Firm Seeks Investment Opportunities in Oncology & Orphan Disease Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Digital Health, and Healthcare Services

31 Aug

A global venture capital firm based in USA with additional offices throughout USA and Asia is investing from its newest fund (vintage 2017).  The firm invests broadly in the healthcare and technology sectors, in both venture and growth-stage financing rounds. Due to the firm’s large fund size, the firm generally only invests in rounds that raise $10 million or more. The firm makes investments globally.

Within healthcare, the firm focuses on biopharma, and also invests in medical devices, healthcare IT and healthcare service providers. The firm is generally not seeking opportunities in diagnostics.  In biopharma, The firm prefers to invest in companies that have obtained data from human clinical trials; however, the firm also invests in breakthrough therapeutic technologies at the preclinical stage.  In medical devices, the firm only invests in growth-stage companies with an approved product and initial revenues; the firm prefers to invest in breakthrough device technologies and avoids commodity markets.  The firm has a broad portfolio and is open to any indication area, but has a particular focus in oncology and orphan diseases, and typically does not invest in infectious diseases.

Within the service provision and IT sectors, the firm is focused on opportunities that provide cost savings to the healthcare system; in this sector, the firm’s expertise is primarily in companies that target healthcare providers as customers, but the firm is also open to considering other areas of the services/IT space.

The firm has no fixed requirements for companies or management teams.

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