Hot Investor Mandate: International Corporation Strategically Invests Up to $5M in Global Connected Device & Telemedicine Solutions

1 Apr

An international corporation that manufactures and distributes printing, imaging and optics products develops and distributes medical imaging products for diagnostic use by healthcare professionals, including x-ray, ultrasonography, image analysis, and point-of-care diagnostics. The corporation has innovation centers are established in major regions around the world as the core engine of growth for the corporation. The mission is to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and develop, through strategic partnerships and investments, novel products and solutions to expand the corporation’s business in existing and new markets.

The USA-based innovation arm focuses on healthcare, next generation enterprise solutions, workplace of the future, robotics, and connected intelligent enterprises (IoT, AI, Data Analytics). The firm typically makes Seed to Series A investments of less than $5 million with ownership stakes of less than 20% equity in private companies. The firm is looking to partner and/or invest in companies that can benefit from the variety of assets of the corporation (R&D, Manufacturing, distribution channel, field service) and are interested in building a large, sustainable business with the corporation.

The firm seeks to strengthen the corporation’s core business, explore new areas of innovation, and identify key players in these ecosystems. Within healthcare, the firm focuses on telemedicine and connected device solutions for applications such as patient management and virtual clinics. Other areas of interest include population health, patient engagement and medical image analysis. The firm considers products that have completed prototypes or achieved proof of concept with a clear path to FDA clearance (where needed).

The firm drives corporate innovation by managing the entire lifecycle of new business development, from ideation to actual business realization. The innovation centers closely collaborate with a diverse range of entities, such as academic institutes, research institutes, partner companies, and startups. The outcomes of collaboration become the co-innovations for our customers and ourselves. The firm would like to obtain distribution rights for companies located in their headquartered country; however, this is not a requirement for collaboration.

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