RESI Longevity Panels

12 Aug

By Caitlin Dolegowski, Marketing Specialist, LSN

RESI Longevity is proud to highlight active investors, early-stage founders, and industry leaders advancing drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health within age-tech and the longevity market. Innovative advancements with creative applications take center stage alongside insights around how to navigate the early-stage investment ecosystem.

Lifes Science Nation has partnered with Mary Furlong & Associates to host panel discussions with leaders, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners answering questions about early-stage fundraising and age-tech innovation. Check out the panel discussions below and sign up to join the conversation at digital RESI Longevity.

September 16, 2021 Live Panels
Social Isolation & Loneliness
Enabling Seniors to Connect & Thrive in Relationships
The effects of social isolation and loneliness brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic has been devastating to many communities. Connection and community are essential to health and wellbeing, especially for vulnerable populations, including seniors. This panel highlights not only the need to advance this area of healthcare, but the partnerships bringing people together, through powerful technology, when they need it most.
Sensory Wellness
Advancing Technology to Support Vision or Hearing Loss
Whether a gradual decline or a sudden loss due to illness, the effects of vision and hearing impairment for older adults can be incredibly disruptive to their health and quality of life. Sensors, wearables, AI, and the continued advancement of diagnostic technology and digital health are impacting this field of care at a rapid rate. Targeting sensory wellness keeps seniors living active and engaged lifestyles, supporting a holistic approach to wellness.
Designing Innovation in Assisted Living and Aging in Place 3 PM EDT
The 2020 pandemic brought about transformational changes in how we look at aging and our living environments. Keeping loved ones safe and connected became top priorities but it also unleashed design innovations for aging in place and assisted living. This panel explores the trends and future view of how our health is connected to where we live.
Creating Better Dementia Care and Promoting Brain Health 4 PM EDT
Despite the coronavirus crisis, surveys show more older Americans were more concerned about an Alzheimer’s diagnosis than COVID-19. The U.S. health care system is still struggling with the need for not only better therapeutics and dementia care but also understanding the importance of prevention aligned with new brain health initiatives. This panel discusses the innovation in dementia care and brain health education for health care professionals and the broader population.
September 17, 2021 Live Panels
Health & Home Care
Empowering Individuals to Access Quality Care from Home
Quality home-based care can be a powerful tool in a patient’s recovery or ongoing wellness. Advancements designed to support and improve home care are a huge part of the age-tech industry and healthcare. Learn how entrepreneurs are partnering with investors to bring quality services from the provider to the patient at home.
Medical Accountability & Adherence
Removing Barriers Inhibiting Patients from Treatment
Medical advancement is paramount to the health and safety of patients, but efficacy tanks when adherence is low. Seniors unable to take medication or easily access necessary information are at risk of missing out on necessary treatment. Early-stage entrepreneurs are using technology to advance systems designed to enable patients to better access their healthcare resources, including medication, providers, and treatment details.
What Angels, Seed, Venture, Corporate and Family Offices Investors Are Looking For 3 PM EDT
These investors talk about how to find the perfect funding partners – what entrepreneurs should look for and what to expect. This essential panel is a critical “how to” session for any startup company in the longevity market.
Pre-Recorded Panel
The Future of Wearables and Older Adults 2021
This session explores the growth of the wearables market (a $111B industry) and its meaning for older adults. What is the adoption level for the 65+ population now and what innovations will matter in the future?

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