Hot AI Mandate: Canada-based VC Focused on Precision Medicine and Related Technologies

4 Jan

A venture capital firm with offices in Canada was founded by an experienced healthcare investment team, who has a successful track record of identifying, building, and growing life science companies. The firm recently launched a $200M (CAD) fund, through which the firm will invest around 80% in Canada-based life science companies and 20% in USA/global companies. The firm will generally participate in Series A financing rounds and beyond, including crossover and IPO; average check sizes will be around $5-10M CAD, with a total of $15-20M CAD will be reserved for follow-on investments. In addition, the firm is also dedicated to company incubation and creation for which the firm will work with earlier stage companies and deploy smaller amounts of capital (around $1M CAD).

The firm has a general theme of investing in precision medicine – technologies that can enhance the quality and accuracy of diagnoses, enable more precise and personalized treatments, targeted therapies such as cell & gene therapy, technologies that leverage AI to accelerate therapeutic development, etc. In terms of sector, the firm seeks to invest 50-60% in therapeutics, 20-30% in medical devices, and 10-15% in AI/digital health/diagnostics. For medical devices, the firm prefers later stage opportunities that are close to commercialization. The firm does not focus on any particular indication area.

The firm does not have specific company or management team requirements. While the firm likes to see management teams with a successful track record and wide range of experiences, this is not required and the firm is open to working on inexperienced management teams. The firm is capable of leading or co-leading investment rounds, and is also open to co-investing with likeminded investors. The firm is very hands-on and leverages their network to actively support the growth of their portfolio companies and provide needed resources.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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