Hot Investor Mandate: Transatlantic Advisory and Investment Firm Seeks Opportunities in Therapeutics, Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health, Bringing Together US and Europe-Based Teams

6 Jan

A transatlantic advisory and investment firm based in USA and Europe advises and invests exclusively in the life science space. The firm brings together early-stage US and EU based life science companies to bridge the Atlantic, gain scale and de-risk. It helps negotiate collaboration agreements and a road map towards a merger. The firm investment arm will invest $2-6M in the form of equity or convertible notes, for the most promising newly merged entities, by turning to a group of pledge investors. In the future, the firm is looking to raise a $100M transatlantic fund comprised of US and EU based sister funds that would invest jointly in the merged entities.

The firm seeks companies in all four life science sectors including therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health and is agnostic to both subsector and indication. The firm is open to preclinical and pre-prototype companies and all three classes of medical devices.

The firm’s whole focus is to bring together US and European teams, and starts the process by contacting companies looking to cross the Atlantic and establish a presence via a partnership. The firm looks for companies with a solid core team and the bandwidth to negotiate and build a transatlantic partnership that may evolve into a full-scale merger. The firm looks for companies in early stage, but not necessarily startups, since the core team is important. The firm also provides integration services to help the teams complement each other and work well together, a factor critical to the success of the merged entity. After engineering the merger, the firm will seek to take advantage of the significantly higher valuation to lead a new funding round. In these cases, the firm would seek a board seat.

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