Early Bird Rates at Digital RESI March 2022

3 Feb

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Digital RESI JPM is barely out of the rearview mirror at Life Science Nation (LSN), but that doesn’t mean Digital RESI March isn’t coming up fast. RESI is not meant to be a one-shot success story. It’s designed to follow the principles of early-stage fundraising:

1 It’s a numbers game.
2 It takes time.
3 It requires research, a compelling story, and strategic outreach and follow-up.

RESI returns five times each year, not only as a tool in the shed of investors seeking portfolio assets, but also as a platform for startups to connect, meet, and pitch to investors and strategic partners who are a fit for their product and stage of development. The rapid turnaround of events speaks to the importance of consistency and the speed necessary to progress with partnerships. This also means that the window for early-bird season is coming to a close.

Startups can save $200 when they register for Digital RESI March by February 18. RESI is priced competitively with the understanding that resources are tight while fundraising. Early bird rates invite founders to get involved early to start working with some of LSN’s powerful complimentary resources to enhance their RESI experience and support their outreach. See what Digital RESI JPM attendees have to say and contact us to learn more about our exclusive rates and upcoming free bootcamps to get 2022 fundraising off on the right foot!

“This was our first conference, and we were very pleased with the quality of the companies that we met and with the communications from the conference organizers.”

“I very much appreciate the ability to attend RESI conferences as an investor.”

“I like this platform and helpful LSN folks very much and feel LSN is doing an excellent job creating a friendly community for early-stage startups.”


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