Building the Perfect Pitch

5 May

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

A perfectly honed pitch is an important part of a startup’s bag of tricks. Many think that having a good pitch is easy because no one knows their company better than they do, and telling people about it is simple enough, right? Wrong! Building a concise pitch with the right amount of information to tell enough of the story to catch an investor’s attention can be a long and arduous process. When working with some of our branding and messaging clients, the elevator pitch can go through dozens of drafts before finding the right balance.

A good pitch should give investors a snapshot of your technology, your stage of development, what makes your technology unique, what you are looking to raise and what milestones you are looking to achieve. Some companies may also choose to highlight any relevant experience with the management team, the involvement of a KOL, or maybe a key partnership that they have developed. Each elevator pitch is unique, depending on the company and what part of their story is crucial to highlight. The one thing that all pitches have in common is that they take a lot of practice to perfect. However, you cannot practice in a vacuum – getting solid feedback is a critical part of developing a solid pitch.

This is where pitch sessions, like RESI’s Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) come in. The IPC provides a chance to hone your pitch, practice pitches in different lengths, from the 4-minute prerecorded pitch to the 1-minute live pitch during the Q&A session and get a glimpse of what questions an investor may ask for clarification. Participating in pitch sessions like the IPC gives you a glimpse into what questions investors are frequently asking you. This may indicate an area of your pitch that needs more work, or a part of your company strategy that you should develop more fully to appeal to more investors. Joining the IPC is a wonderful tool to help you make a great first impression.

Join Life Science Nation for a FREE Bootcamp in preparation for the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge.

Tuesday, May 10, 11AM EDT
Preparing to Pitch at RESI 
  • Greg Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, General Manager Europe, Life Science Nation
The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is an opportunity for early-stage companies to gain additional exposure to conference attendees, pitch directly to a panel of relevant investors, and participate in a live Q&A session. This bootcamp will walk through the process of preparing your pitch materials and what to expect in a live pitch session, including frequently asked questions from investor judges.

The application deadline for the IPC has been extended, so it’s not too late to apply for the IPC for Digital RESI June – apply here!

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