Hot Investor Mandate: Investment Firm With RMB and USD Funds Invests Primarily in Therapeutics, Most Interested in CAR-T, Small Molecule Therapies, CRISPR, and More

5 May

A venture capital firm with offices in USA and China manages both RMB and USD funds. The firm’s USD fund has invested in 7 companies, half of which are in the novel drugs area, and will continue to invest in seed to pre-Series A. The typical allocation size is $0.5-1 MM, and will occasionally go up to $3.5 MM.

The firm is mainly interested in therapeutics innovations, including orphan drugs, from pre-clinical to Phase II. Of special interest are: CAR-T, small molecules and CRISPR technologies. The firm is also open to medical device companies, from development to clinical stage, but holds a strict valuation on diagnostics companies. The firm is less interested in digital health.

The firm has no specific company & management team requirements. Diversity in gender and race is greatly encouraged.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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