The Global Entrepreneurial Classroom

19 May

By Alexander Vassallo, Manager of Business Development West Coast (US), LSN

Launching and successfully growing a life science company is an extremely challenging endeavor, but if done successfully, can foster new paradigms of healthcare and lead to healthier lives for individuals around the globe. It is for this reason that Life Science Nation (LSN), the industry leader in connecting early-stage life science firms with capital investors and strategic partners, has developed a series of new educational courses, ranging from half a day to three days, for aspiring scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising executives.

Launching and Funding Startups: Seed to Series B is a free half-day course designed to introduce early-stage life science executives to the tools and tips they will need to successfully launch a company and begin to interact with your target partners and investors. The course will cover several fundamental entrepreneurial concepts such as how to perform entrepreneurial due diligence, branding and messaging and the importance of telling a cogent company story through multiple modalities, and the 10 myths of fundraising. This course can be complemented by an optional afternoon session (bringing the course to a full day) where LSN staff will work directly with companies to help review their non-confidential materials, perform a competitive landscape analysis, and generate a global target list of investors.

Mapping the Landscape of Strategic Partners for Your Startup is a paid one-day course for fundraising executives who have launched an early-stage life science firm and will actively be seeking partners for capital (Seed to Series B), joint product collaboration, or licensing distribution deals. The course will cover a tactical to-do list for the early-stage entrepreneur and participants will be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to successfully undertake a global fundraising campaign. The course will finish with a Tales from the Road (TFTR) panel that will involve seasoned entrepreneurs in the LSN network sharing their experiences of their fundraising journeys and launching life science companies. The price of this course is $1,400 per company and includes two spots per company (one business and one science executive).

Preparing for Your Global Fundraising Roadshow is a paid two-day course that will cover an extensive dive into developing a professional set of marketing, non-confidential materials that the early-stage life science executive can bring to any investor meeting and partnering conference during their fundraising campaign: tagline, elevator pitch, executive summary, one-page data sheet, and pitch deck. Participants will also be taught how to research global investors, collaborators, and licensing partners who are a right fit for your company’s technology and stage of development and how to interact with your target partners. A third day of early-stage life science strategics can be added to the course (bringing it to a full three days) to further prepare participants for their fundraising journeys. Navigating the pitfalls that commonly catch first-time CEOs off-guard, creating a network of global alliances through social and business media, and mapping the competitive global landscape to elucidate the value of your startup are important themes that will be covered. The three-day version of the Preparing for Your Global Fundraising Roadshow course will conclude with a live Shark Tank to active investor judges. The price of the two-day course is $3,500, and the price of the three-day course is $4,500, with two spots per company for each course (one business and one science executive).

If you’re interested in learning more and participating in a course, please feel free to reach out to Alexander Vassallo at to schedule a call and explore the new range of LSN entrepreneurial education courses.

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