Care in Space

26 May

By Alexander Vassallo, Manager of Business Development West Coast (US), LSN

For innovative startups in life science and healthcare, the early days feel like the sky is the limit. But what if it wasn’t? Care in Space is a newly launched initiative supporting the development and commercialization of technologies and solutions that will support long-term habitation and travel in space and/or utilize microgravity to manufacture new or more effective therapeutics. This first-of-its-kind program leverages the extreme conditions of space to not only drive innovation but to build viable businesses at the intersection of commercial space and biomedical science.  

For over a decade, Life Science Nation (LSN) has connected entrepreneurs with early-stage capital and licensing via events, products, and services designed specifically for them, and this program is offering a great opportunity for well-matched startups. 

Description: A challenge to find novel solutions and technologies that support human health in space and/or are manufactured in space to support health on Earth. Challenge winners (8-10 companies) will participate in a 13-week program culminating with a Demo Day.

Focus areas: Biological and technological solutions that support our ability to live in and travel long distances through space; from regenerative medicine (cellular protection & repair, radiation & aging research, stem cell therapy, 3D bioprinting) to pharma (drug discovery and manufacturing) to synthetic bio (new medicines, modified foods, gene therapy, nutritional therapy) to wearables (health monitoring, medical devices, AI assisted diagnosis) to precision medicine (big data, genomics, AI/ML).

Who should apply: Global pre-seed and seed stage companies

Terms: The winning teams will receive $100,000+ each in prize funding and on-orbit research support, in exchange for equity.

Key dates:

  • Applications: April 18 – June 17
  • CIS Challenge Pitch Day: July 28
  • Program dates: September 12 – December 9
  • Demo Day: December 8

The program is looking for solutions with space and terrestrial application, with strong scientific merit, business model viability, and overall feasibility. If you believe your technology could be viable for the Care in Space program, follow this link to apply.

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