Hot Investor Mandate: Publicly Traded Company Seeks to Partner with Early-Stage Diagnostics Companies in Oncology and Those With Interests in China Market Expansion

26 May

A publicly NASDAQ-traded diagnostics company with operations in USA and China specializes in pre-cancer and cancer screening based on biophysical properties. The firm is looking to partner or acquire a majority share in early stage companies in the diagnostics space. While the firm is looking to be the majority stakeholder in these companies, the firm is most interested in continuing a partnership/joint venture with these startups, as opposed to a full acquisition. The firm is willing to partner globally.

The firm is interested in diagnostics companies only. Within diagnostics, the firm is interested in two types of partnerships.

First, the firm is seeking oncology diagnostics that use genetic or biomarker identification of specific cancer types that can be paired with their technology, meshing the specific genetic/biomarker for these cancers with the biophysical anomalies they detect.

Additionally, the firm is also looking to partner with companies in the oncology space that are seeking to expand to China and can take advantage of the firm’s existing infrastructure. For these partnerships, the firm is interested in all forms of diagnostics in all indications.

The firm is looking to acquire at least a 51% stake in the companies with which they are partnering, but is open to any structures that are advantageous for all parties. As a partner, the firm has facilities in place for any additional research or clinical tests needed to help companies reach commercialization in the United States, as well as the ability to help with distribution, especially in China.

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