Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm With USA & Europe Offices Actively Engages in Company Creation and Seed to Series A Funding Towards Transformative Therapeutics

26 May

A venture capital firm with offices in USA and Western Europe has multi-billion in assets under management and its mandate is to create companies with Seed and Series A funding (typically $50-100M), but it can also deploy smaller tickets into academic institutions for direct research funding. The firm seeks to make investments around the globe with a focus on creating and building companies located within the US and Europe.

The firm builds transformative life science companies by following the science, working with the best people, and investing for long term value creation. The firm is currently looking for companies in the Therapeutics space. The firm is most interested in companies developing novel biologics, however companies developing small molecules or biologic substitutes are also considered for investment. The firm is willing to invest in companies with a product in any phase of development, but it has a strong preference for discovery/preclinical assets.

The firm requires board seats in its portfolio companies. The firm also prefers to lead (or co-lead) any investment syndicates and looks to optimize the asset with additional resources beyond the typical venture investment mandate. The firm’s seasoned team of venture partners and entrepreneurs in-residence can also assume interim C-level positions, allowing recruiting flexibility as the company grows.

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