The 4 Fs of Successful Meetings

16 Jun

By Rory McCann, Director of Marketing, Conference Producer, LSN

Last week, Life Science Nation (LSN) wrapped up Digital RESI June, its most recent virtual partnering event. As we look ahead to our first in-person partnering conference in over two years, we want to first discuss how to evaluate the success of previous meetings. You’ve done your research, messaged investors, and booked meetings, but after the curtain falls, how do you measure the success of your partnering?

  1. Fit
    1. Was the meeting well-matched between a company and an investor who were matched in product and stage of development?
    2. Did they make any references to existing interest or past investments?
    3. Did they connect you with other peers or colleagues?
  2. Feel
    1. Was the atmosphere pleasant and enjoyable?
    2. Were you confident answering questions and did the potential partner seem equally satisfied?
    3. Is this someone you would enjoy working with more closely?
  3. Follow-Up
    1. Do they want to have a follow-up meeting?
    2. Did they express interest in signing an NDA?
    3. Did they engage you during networking activities and receptions?
  4. Feedback
    1. Did you receive insights on your pitch, technology, or market?
    2. Was the feedback knowledgeable and relevant?
    3. Will it contribute to your future fundraising efforts?

While the success of a meeting isn’t based on an affirmative answer to each question, your honest response to each can help gauge the temperature of your meetings. A negative answer isn’t the definition of failure, either. It’s all data. Coming away from a well-fitting meeting without the feeling that the person or firm is one you’d like to work and spend more time with is valuable and worth further consideration. This is truly what makes successful meetings – not only the quality of the meeting itself but also the valuable information you need to make informed decisions moving forward.

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