Exhibit at RESI Boston

7 Jul

By Candice He, Vice President of Business Development, Global Investment Strategist, LSN

RESI returns to Boston for its first in-person conference in over two years September 21-22, with an additional day of virtual partnering on September 23. Past in-person RESIs boasted a vibrant network of service providers, including CRO/CMOs, non-profits, suppliers, and professional services like law firms and banks. These service providers have played an essential role in the RESI ecosystem, and we are pleased to welcome them back with more offerings that include both onsite and digital formats to promote their services and connect them with early-stage startups who need them.

RESI’s unique value to its service providers is its dedication to early-stage companies in life science and healthcare. These startups have specific needs that make them ideal clients for a variety of providers. CRO/CMOs attend RESI to connect with preclinical therapeutics. Lab services with valuable R&D space, banks with life science-specific benefits, and law firms specializing in IP, term sheet negotiations, and more exhibit at RESI to connect with these founders who seek their services.


RESI exhibition includes a table for promotion and networking in the exhibit hall, as well as a dedicated webpage for additional marketing materials and connections with virtual attendees. Exhibitors also have their logo featured prominently on the RESI website, live agenda, program guide, and onsite signage. For $4K, the exhibitor package also includes a complimentary registration to participate in the partnering platform and attend all conference events. Interested in reaching a broad audience of early-stage entrepreneurs at RESI Boston? Check out our sponsorship brochure and contact us to learn more!


Want to learn more? The Business Development team at Life Science Nation is available to answer questions and share additional details to help you meet your partnership goals!
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