The Global Tech Hub Gathering in Boston

8 Sep

By Erika Wu, Business Development Manager, Global Tech Hubs, LSN

Tech hubs from around the world are coming to RESI Boston! Tech hubs are a crucial part of the Life Science Nation (LSN) and RESI community as they provide capital, entrepreneurial support, lab space, and economic development for their cohort of aspiring scientist-entrepreneurs, and fundraising executives. With this immense support from tech hubs, their group of startups who’ve raised less than $2M USD can accelerate their entrepreneurship journey by participating in RESI at a discounted rate and taking advantage of LSN services. Ranging from universities, non-profits, incubators, accelerators, and regional and government organizations, they are all looking to connect with investors, strategic partners, and early-stage life science startups in Boston. Get to know these global communities of innovation!

Don’t see your organization on this list? Contact us to learn more about special offers for you and your constituents!

National Institute on Aging (NIA)


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