Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

6 Dec

By Erika Wu, Business Development Manager, Global Tech Hubs, LSN

Mansfield Bio-Incubator Chief Operating Officer, Alexander Margulis has been in the Life Sciences industry for over 20 years and is passionate about creating a robust and accessible entrepreneurial community among local universities, startups, and investors. Less than 1-hour away from Boston and Cambridge, the facility provides affordable private and shared spaces for research labs, mentorship and networking opportunities. In addition, they offer several resources such as access to professional advisors and assistance with government and private funding research applications. Currently, Mansfield Bio-Incubator hosts over 20 early-stage startups ranging from therapeutics, medical devices, and cleantech in the life sciences areas of oncology, women’s health, animal health, biomaterials, water purification, and more.

Listen to our conversation to learn more about how Alexander and his team are creating, growing, and ensuring the success of the next generation of life science companies at Mansfield Bio-Incubator.

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