Vessl Prosthetics at RESI

1 Dec

By Rikki Piccirillo, Marketing Manager, LSN

RikkiCo-Founders, Sydney Robinson and Oleksiy Zaika of Vessl Prosthetics joined us at RESI Boston in September. With an understanding of the value of building relationships early in their fundraising journey, attending RESI made perfect sense. This team made the most of their time at RESI, researching attending investors, strategizing panel attendance, and capitalizing on every learning and networking opportunity that presented itself. As thorough and prepared as they were for their time at RESI, the same zest can be said for how Vessl Prosthetics came to be. In this interview with Sydney, you can learn more about their company, the product their developing and their strategy at RESI:

Registration is open for RESI JPM San Francisco, January 10 In Person at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel & January 11-12 online Virtual Partnering.


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