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Need Seed Stage Device Capital? Meet the Medtech Angels at RESI Boston

17 Aug

By James Huang, Research Analyst, LSN


With medical technology entrepreneurs facing a challenging capital landscape, angel capital remains a vital source of early stage funding in the sector.  According to studies by the Angel Resource Institute, of every angel dollar invested in the USA, nearly 20 cents goes into healthcare and life sciences.  In recognition of the importance of angel financing to early stage companies, RESI features two angel panels, and today we would like to announce our Medtech Angels panel for RESI Boston.  If you’re interested in how to pitch to an angel group, what makes a medtech opportunity suitable for angel investment, or how angels work with their portfolio companies to hit subsequent milestones and follow-on raises, this panel is for you.

LSN has brought together five highly experienced angels who have a focus on medical technology investment.  The participants are:

RESI San Diego: Biotech & Medtech Angels Discuss their Strategy

1 Jun

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


Angel investors are a major force at the earliest stages of financing for life science companies, and can have a great influence in startup development. As many of these individuals have been entrepreneurs and often take an operational role along with an investment, their capital, network and know-how is crucial for energizing a new venture and ensuring that the company has all its ducks in a row as it goes on to grow as a business and raise more capital.

Given the significant differences in the development and financing needs of biotech vs. medtech companies, LSN has two separate sessions which showcase active angles in each space separately.

The Biotech Angels panel will be moderated by Bernie Rudnick, Founder, Mid Atlantic Bio Angels and will feature the following panelists:

The Medtech Angels panel will be moderated by Brian Frenzel, Member, Band of Angels and will feature the following panelists:

These panel sessions will explore general topics such as how angel groups approach an investment opportunity and how best to pitch to/work with an angel investor as well as more specific topics such as how they work with other angel groups and VCs, what to expect in the diligence process, cap table issues and more.

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