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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Boston-Based VC Firm Makes Pre-Seed/Seed Investments in Data-Driven Technologies Including AI, Drug Discovery, and Computational Biotech

31 May

A venture firm headquartered in Boston, MA focus on pre-seed and seed stage investments, typically with an initially investment of $500K to $1M as part of the company’s first institutional funding. The firm prefers companies located in the USA and Canada. The firm will make 5-10 new investments over the next 12 months.

The firm partners with entrepreneurs solving real-world problems with data and machine learning, focusing on applications of frontier technologies such as AI, computational biotech, connected sensors, AR/VR, and blockchain. Past investments include biomedical and genomics data analytics platforms, data and analysis tools for drug discovery, and related areas.

The firm desires experienced management teams with a vision for the future. The firm can take a board seat when they have specific expertise in the area, and does not have an equity target. Strong technical teams who have a deep understanding of their markets is desired, though the firm is comfortable partnering with very early-stage (pre-product) companies.

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Hot Investor Mandate 1: Toronto-Based Single Family Office Looking to Invest in Seed-Stage Medtech, Diagnostics, and Digital Health Companies

3 May

A single family office based in Toronto, Ontario has its main focus on real estate and mining, but is now looking to expand into the healthcare sector and plans to initially invest approximately $10M into seed-stage deals in the healthcare space. The firm may potentially reserve another pool of capital for additional healthcare investments in the future. The firm has flexibility with deal structures and may make either straight equity or convertible loan investments depending on the deal. In addition to capital, the group looks to add value to portfolio companies through marketing and sales expertise. The firm has no specific number of healthcare investments it’s looking to make.

Within healthcare, the firm is focused on the medtech, diagnostic and health IT space. The firm is particularly interested in newly created or accessible markets such as leveraging smart phones, big data/data mining and AI for healthcare purposes. The firm is highly interested in mobile diagnostic devices, diagnostics for the consumer market and portable lab devices. The firm will also look at more traditional FDA regulated medical devices and diagnostics on a secondary basis.

The firm seeks companies addressing specific markets, but has no set requirements for entrepreneurs/management teams other than a very focused team that is passionate about the tech and market being pursued. The firm typically seeks a board seat along with in an investment, but may not require one depending on the terms of the deal.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Global Organization Provides Seed Capital to Early-Stage Healthcare Technologies Applicable to Emerging Markets

29 Mar

A global charity organization with an established footprint in over 100 countries worldwide, dedicated to tackling the problem of poverty and injustice, has launched a new initiative through its Canada operations. In 2016, the organization built an investment team to support entrepreneurs developing innovative technologies for emerging markets. Currently, this is the organization’s only operation with an investment vehicle.
The organization seeks to invest up to $250K in early-stage social innovations. In addition to providing capital, the organization will take an active role in helping entrepreneurs with growing their companies and providing valuable connections through their global reach.

The organization will consider any early-stage technology in the healthcare sectors that can help address and solve problems in emerging countries, with a high potential for social impact.

The organization does not have specific management team requirements, but prior experience in working with or developing technologies for emerging countries is a plus.

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Hot Investor 1: VC/PE Investment Firm Backed by China and Taiwan Companies Invests Broadly Across Seed and Post-Seed Stage Life Science Companies

22 Mar

A venture capital and private equity firm based in Cambridge, MA provides seed capital out of an angel group subsidiary within the firm, and also provides equity to later stage IT (robotics, AI, IoT, new materials, FinTech, etc.) and healthcare companies. The firm is backed by five public pharmaceutical companies and ten public IT and healthcare companies from Taiwan and China. The angel group subsidiary provides up to $2M seed stage investments in early-stage companies, while the parent firm provides equity of $2M – $5M per company post seed stage. The firm is also actively looking for PE and M&A opportunities worldwide in the $1B ~ 5B range. The firm seeks companies on a global level, though has a focus in Boston and North America East Coast-based companies.

Within healthcare, the firm is interested in biotech therapeutics, medical devices, healthcare IT and digital health. The firm is opportunistic in subsector and indication and has a specific interest in oncology products. For healthcare IT, the firm is interested in software, AI, robotics, and digital health technology that seeks to integrate into hospital systems. For medical devices, the firm is interested in drug delivery system devices that require a therapeutic component. The firm typically seeks companies that already have CE Mark, FDA, CFDA, or TFDA approval.

The firm requires the management team to have technical expertise in their field of study, and prefers companies that also have business development expertise. The firm typically takes a board seat after an investment, but at the minimum will maintain a close relationship with the entrepreneur as a support and advisor. The firm typically participates in two financing rounds per company, and also supports the company in finding add-on investors for the following round.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Canada-Based Investment Group Provides Seed Funding to Medtech, Cleantech, and IT Sectors Across North America, With Canadian Focus

22 Mar

A venture capital fund, angel group, and registered exempt market dealer based in Toronto, Ontario is affiliated with early stage venture funds, including their accelerator fund I and II as well as an angel group. The firm usually acts a lead investor in rounds of up to $2M, with between $300K – $750K coming from the first-mentioned fund, and with additional capital usually coming from the angel group or other family offices or institutional investment partners. The firm has also participated, and will continue to participate, in larger syndicated investment rounds. The firm prefers to lead priced equity rounds and does not usually make investments in uncapped convertible debt or SAFEs (Simple Agreements for Future Equity).

Annually, the firm works with, and makes investments in, 8 to 12 early stage (Seed and Series A) companies in the IT, CleanTech and MedTech sectors. In the MedTech sector, the firm typically does not invest in products with a complex regulatory pathway. The firm is also interested in platform technologies and R&D service/tools companies. Historic MedTech investments include investments in (i) a company which has developed an imaging agent that illuminates tumors both at the surgery planning phase and inside the operating room, (ii) a company that manufactures the world’s only natural, non-toxic, mono-disperse nano particle extracted from sweet corn which has applications in the personal care/cosmetics, nutraceutical and biomedical spaces; and (iii) a company that has a proprietary in silico software platform that maps interactions of drug compounds against the human proteome to identify drug efficacy, side effects and toxicity risks.

The firm is focused on Canadian companies, but will also evaluate U.S.-based and international companies if there is a potential investment fit. The firm’s principals have significant technology, financial and legal experience. The firm’s ideal investment candidate is a company that will benefit from and can leverage this experience and network and to which the firm can provide additional long-term value beyond its cash investment. The firm tries to avoid taking on technology risk but will take on some commercialization risk and prefers entrepreneurs that have had at least one ‘win’ (or event better, at least one ‘loss’)

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Need Seed Stage Device Capital? Meet the Medtech Angels at RESI Boston

17 Aug

By James Huang, Research Analyst, LSN


With medical technology entrepreneurs facing a challenging capital landscape, angel capital remains a vital source of early stage funding in the sector.  According to studies by the Angel Resource Institute, of every angel dollar invested in the USA, nearly 20 cents goes into healthcare and life sciences.  In recognition of the importance of angel financing to early stage companies, RESI features two angel panels, and today we would like to announce our Medtech Angels panel for RESI Boston.  If you’re interested in how to pitch to an angel group, what makes a medtech opportunity suitable for angel investment, or how angels work with their portfolio companies to hit subsequent milestones and follow-on raises, this panel is for you.

LSN has brought together five highly experienced angels who have a focus on medical technology investment.  The participants are:

Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: CVC of Large Pharma Looking Opportunistically for Life Science Investments

17 Jul

The Corporate Venture Capital arm of a Global Pharmaceutical company provides seed and venture capital to development stage companies within life science and biotechnology. The firm provides pre-seed grants and seed investments to early-stage life science projects in Scandinavia. The firm’s venture investment activities are structured as an open evergreen fund. The firm invests at any stage of development – seed, venture, and growth. The firm also makes late-stage investments in public/private companies with a positive cash flow. The firm can allocate up to $30M per company, but generally allocates between $5M to $20M. The firm seeks companies that are based in North America and Europe. The firm has no current mandate for the number of allocations it plans to make and will evaluate relevant opportunities as they surface.

The firm is opportunistic in the life sciences space. The firm specifically focuses on companies that specialize in the development of novel drugs, new procedures for diagnosis and control of diseases, development of medical devices and instruments, and industrial biotechnology.  The firm is open to all technology and indication areas within these sectors. 

The firm seeks company ownership in return for its seed investments and influential equity ownership for late-stage investments. The firm considers both pre-revenue and revenue generating private and public companies.  The firm is generally opportunistic with the management team, but highly prefers an experienced and qualified management team.

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