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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Boston-Based VC Firm Makes Pre-Seed/Seed Investments in Data-Driven Technologies Including AI, Drug Discovery, and Computational Biotech

31 May

A venture firm headquartered in Boston, MA focus on pre-seed and seed stage investments, typically with an initially investment of $500K to $1M as part of the company’s first institutional funding. The firm prefers companies located in the USA and Canada. The firm will make 5-10 new investments over the next 12 months.

The firm partners with entrepreneurs solving real-world problems with data and machine learning, focusing on applications of frontier technologies such as AI, computational biotech, connected sensors, AR/VR, and blockchain. Past investments include biomedical and genomics data analytics platforms, data and analysis tools for drug discovery, and related areas.

The firm desires experienced management teams with a vision for the future. The firm can take a board seat when they have specific expertise in the area, and does not have an equity target. Strong technical teams who have a deep understanding of their markets is desired, though the firm is comfortable partnering with very early-stage (pre-product) companies.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com.

RESI Boston 2017 Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced NYC Application is Now Open

28 Sep

By Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN

natasha-wp-newOn Tuesday September 26th, RESI Boston was host to the largest RESI Innovation Challenge yet, with 40 companies competing for the “investment” votes of their fellow attendees. These innovative startups came from across the life science spectrum – develop ing novel products in biotech, medtech, diagnostics and healthcare IT, with the aim of addressing a wide range of different diseases. We hope that all will succeed in bringing their products to patients, but there could only be 3 prize winners. Without further ado, LSN would like to present the top three competitors:

First Place: Wellesley Pharmaceuticals

Nocturia, the frequent need to urinate at night, afflicts 2.3B people, causing insomnia, fatigue, depression, and lower quality of life. It leads to higher rates of heart disease, stroke, brain damage, and deadly falls, killing thousands daily. Wellesley’s Phase 2 trial ended 9/8/17. Results will be unblinded 10/2, but 50% of patients reported >25% nocturia reduction and 27% reported 40-96% benefits, with no side effects. 25% took placebo and 25% reported results averaging 0%. OAB drugs offer 10-15% benefits, bad side effects, and sell $2B/year! Licensing dozens of worldwide patents to big pharma comes next. We expect $10M upfront and 15% of revenue, while they take over all future costs, before launching our drug worldwide. Net margins should approach 95%.

Michael Quigley, VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation | David Dill, CEO, Wellesley Pharmaceuticals | Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation

Second Place: Molecular Targeting Technologies

Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc.’s (MTTI) TDURA is an imaging agent with a unique mechanism to “see” cell death. It is fast, sensitive and enables actionable tracking of cell damage, reducing toxicity,improving survival and minimizing healthcare costs. MTTI has demonstrated proof of efficacy in cardiotoxicity and oncology models. TDURA detected chemotherapy related cardiac dysfunction prior to existing technologies, detected tumor response to therapy as early as 1 day and distinguished responders from non-responders. TDURA is ready for clinical development. Phase II approval for the first indication is projected in 2022. Exit prior to phase III should deliver ≥$100 million value. MTTI has an experienced team, a strong IP and an innovative platform with multiple indications targeted to several unmet medical needs.

Michael Quigley, VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation | Koon Yan “Chris” Pak, Co-Founder & CEO, Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. | Michael Silvon, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. | Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation

Third Place: RPS Diagnostics

RPS DIAGNOSTICS is developing FebriDx® for launch outside the USA in 2018. FebriDx is the first and only rapid, in-office test that uses a fingerstick blood sample to help differentiate viral from bacterial acute febrile respiratory infection. The FebriDx® test can be used to help triage infectious patients at the point of care, providing clinicians with a clear path to diagnosis and treatment, leading to more efficacious healthcare decisions. Test results are available in 15 minutes, allowing for an effective treatment plan to be established during the patient’s initial office visit.

Michael Quigley, VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation | Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation | Doug Lawrence, CEO, RPS Diagnostics

Thank you to all who competed in the RESI Boston Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies.

Apply for RESI NYC Innovation Challenge Now!

New at RESI Boston and RESI NYC: Academic and Tech Transfer Registration

14 Sep

By Lauren Schulkamp, Business Development Manager-RESI Conference Series, LSN


We are excited to welcome academic scientists and tech transfer professionals to RESI for the first time.  The Redefining Early Stage Investments Conference (RESI) is now offering a special academic rate to universities, institutes, tech transfer offices, and hospitals to shine the spotlight on some of the most innovative emerging technology.  If you’d like to come to RESI to network with over 300 early stage life science investors, you can get an academic registration online now.  Academic registration includes the following:

  • All day access pass to 24 panels & workshops, RESI’s ad hoc meeting area, Exhibit Hall and Innovation Challenge, meals, and the evening Cocktail Reception
  • Full day of networking with early stage investors and pharma external innovation staff
  • Learn from life science investors and understand their investment strategies
  • Listen to current fundraising life science CEOs describe their process in developing a fundraising strategy
  • Get to know the experts as they explain the valuation process, organizing an outbound marketing campaign, negotiating term sheets, and other post-academia commercialization topics

Click here for a complete list of RESI Boston Panels & Workshops

** RESI Partnering is not included in the academic and tech transfer registration

To qualify you must:

  • Be affiliated with a non-profit certified 501(c)(3) organization. This includes universities, institutes, tech transfer offices, and hospitals
  • Register with an email address corresponding with the organization you are representing
  • Provide proof of current position – this can be done by sending proof via email to resi@lifesciencenation.com

Biotech Family Offices Discuss Direct Investment at RESI Boston

24 Aug

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

RESI Partnering is now open, providing attendees with the opportunity to book one on one meetings with investors.  If you log in to Partnering, you will see a wide variety of investors available to reach out to, including venture capital firms, big pharma, angels – and family offices.

RESI Boston’s Biotech Family Office sesssion features family office investors from around the world who are making direct investments into early stage drug development companies.  These firms have a variety of strategies, interests and motivations.  If you’d like to know how family office investors think about early stage drugs and what kind of technology catches their eye, this is the panel for you.

Moderated by Colin Widen (CEO, Boston Innovation Capital), the panelists are:

  • Christine Bunt (Venture Partner, 20/20 HealthCare Partners)
  • Pini Orbach (Head of Pharma, Arkin Bioventures)
  • Alex Pickett (Principal, Mediqventures)
  • Jayson Rieger (SVP of Business Development & Portfolio Management, PBM Capital)

We’ve extended the RESI discounted registration until Friday, so if you want to hear from these Biotech Family Offices now is the time to get registered.

Need Seed Stage Device Capital? Meet the Medtech Angels at RESI Boston

17 Aug

By James Huang, Research Analyst, LSN


With medical technology entrepreneurs facing a challenging capital landscape, angel capital remains a vital source of early stage funding in the sector.  According to studies by the Angel Resource Institute, of every angel dollar invested in the USA, nearly 20 cents goes into healthcare and life sciences.  In recognition of the importance of angel financing to early stage companies, RESI features two angel panels, and today we would like to announce our Medtech Angels panel for RESI Boston.  If you’re interested in how to pitch to an angel group, what makes a medtech opportunity suitable for angel investment, or how angels work with their portfolio companies to hit subsequent milestones and follow-on raises, this panel is for you.

LSN has brought together five highly experienced angels who have a focus on medical technology investment.  The participants are:

WuXi AppTec Signs on as a RESI Title Sponsor for Boston, NYC and San Francisco Conferences

10 Aug

By Natasha Eldridge, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

natasha-wp-newLSN is pleased to announce WuXi AppTec will be a title sponsor to the RESI Conference Series in our upcoming Boston, NYC and San Francisco conferences. WuXi AppTec is a leading global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device open-access capability and technology platform. WuXi AppTec joins RESI as a title sponsor along with JLABS, which currently has eight locations in innovation hotspots across North America and produces entrepreneurial programs and campaigns to seek out the best science. This pair of global early stage players will add another conduit to the early stage companies that come to RESI to find investor capital and strategic partnerships as they move forward in their product cycles.

The WuXi AppTec-LSN relationship has been growing over the years and WuXi AppTec has helped and been a contributor in our efforts with RESI content programing, panel participation, and creation of relationships with the scientist entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs who are the main constituents of the RESI conference series.

RESI Boston 2017: Agenda Announced

6 Jul

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

On September 26th, RESI will come home to Boston. In our year on the road, LSN has expanded our reach into new areas, and it’s time to lead the RESI Tribe back home – including many new investors and exciting emerging technology companies that we’ve met on our travels.

LSN would now like to announce the agenda for RESI Boston. The event will include 24 investor panels and entrepreneur workshops, including new panel content from our sponsors at the NIH, and a new session dedicated to Payers & Providers who invest in early stage technologies. RESI Boston will also feature an Asia-North America healthcare investment track. Check out the full content below. If you want to take part, don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch the early bird price by registering now.

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