Enhanced Search Granularity: Sub-Indications Search Implemented

10 Jul

By Max Klietmann, VP of Research, LSN

LSN is a major proponent of the importance of finding exact fits. In an industry that is becoming more complex, granular, and specialized, finding exact matches is key to success – whether it is a matter of finding prospective clients, investment targets, strategic partners, or investors. LSN discussed this recently in the context of niche specification among CROs, and how it is more critical than ever to be able to source highly qualified leads.

In light of this, LSN is delighted to announce a new feature in the LSN Companies database: Search by therapeutic sub-sectors has been implemented, allowing users to search for specific indications. For example, searching for specific cancer indications such as gastric cancer, leukemia,  pancreatic cancer, and 45 other sub-indications of cancer is now possible.  This search feature has been implemented for all indications for “Companies” and “Products.”

What makes this so powerful is that it allows users to enhance their search granularity even more, shortening the time required to qualify leads, and to make outbound campaigns even more effective. LSN continues to watch industry trends and incorporate client suggestions into its platforms. In doing so, LSN products are a direct reflection of what the industry needs today and will require going forward to effectively meet and exceed its goals. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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