Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 2: Opportunistic PE Seeks CMO for New Allocations

19 Jul

A private equity group based in the Eastern US has around $200 million in assets, and has raised two funds. The firm is currently looking for new opportunities in the life sciences space, and although the firm has no set time frame to make allocations, they are always opportunistically looking to source new investments in the space.

The firm’s typical equity investment size ranges from $10-40 million. Currently, they are most interested in information providers as well as Biotech R&D services firms. In the information provider space, the group is seeking healthcare IT firms, and in the biotech R&D services space, the firm is looking for contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). The firm solely invests in firms based in North America, and will consider companies headquartered in either the U.S. or Canada.

The firm is looking for companies that have $5-15 million in EBITDA, and $35-100 million in revenue, and $25-125 million in enterprise value, however EBITDA is the most important criteria in terms on the firms investment requirements. Accordingly, the firm does not invest in pre-revenue companies.

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