Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 3: Venture Arm with Strong Backing Deploying Capital to Healthcare IT

19 Jul

A venture and expansion capital arm of a larger organization based in the Central US has around $300 million in total assets under management, and is currently deploying capital from its third fund, which closed at nearly $200 million. The firm is currently seeking opportunities in the life science sector, and while they have no strict timeline to make investments, they would invest in a new firm within the next 6-9 months if a compelling opportunity were identified. The firm’s equity investments range from $3-10 million, but are typically in the $8-10 million range.

Currently, this firm is most interested in the medtech, biotech diagnostics, and information providers spaces. Specifically, they are looking for healthcare IT firms within the information providers space. The firm is very opportunistic within the areas of biotech diagnostics and medtech, and would be willing to look at companies that fall within the full gamut of the medtech and diagnostics subsectors. The firm, however, will only consider US based firms within the venture and expansion capital space.

The firm is most interested in early stage companies, and is interested in pre-revenue firms. With that being said, they will look at firms that have products that are in-development, or firms that have a prototype of their product, but will not consider firms that have a device that is on the market.

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