Hot Life Science Investor Mandate 1: Angel Group Looking to Allocate to Companies Producing Pre-Revenue Devices & Orphan Therapeutics

1 Aug

An angel group based in the Eastern US is currently deploying capital from its third fund. With around $15 million in total assets under management, they are looking for new opportunities within the life science space, but have no set timeline to make allocations. The group typically allocates between $250,000 and $2 million per company.

Currently, the angel group is most interested in the biotech therapeutics and medtech space, specifically only those that are targeting orphan indications. The group will not consider therapeutics and diagnostics that are treating any other indications due to the difficulty of the current FDA regulatory framework.

The angel group is currently looking for pre-revenue companies within the life science space. With that being said, they would consider companies in the biotech therapeutics space that have products in the preclinical stage through phase III of development, and in the medtech space the firm is looking for companies that have a product in development, or have a prototype. With that being said, the firm is looking to provide seed capital to privately held, early stage firms.

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