Hot Investor Mandate 4: China Joint Venture Seeks Drug and Device Deals in USA

30 Jun

A Shanghai-based private equity fund formed through a partnership between two Chinese healthcare firms is focusing on pharmaceuticals, medical device & diagnostics, and medical services. The firm typically makes equity investments of US$5-10 million per deal over a 5-6 year exit horizon. The firm is open to leading or co-investing. The firm is currently seeking opportunities from China and the U.S.

The firm has a clearly defined investment focus primarily on three healthcare subsectors: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device & Diagnostic, and Medical Service. Within pharmaceuticals, the firm considers chemical drugs in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, second generation drugs, brand generics, OTC, drug delivery platforms, CRO/CMO; biotech products in Biosimilar, Vaccines, blood product, etc.; and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Within Medical Device and Diagnostics, the firm is interested in High-end devices, Consumables, Implantable Devices and Interventional Devices with high-technical barriers, Molecular Diagnostics, Immunological Diagnostics, and Genetic Diagnostics. In addition, the firm is seeking R&D services that support cell therapy, stem cell, and new therapies. For first-in-class products, the firm prefers products in Phase 2 trials or later. For 505b2 drugs or medical devices, the firm considers from preclinical to pre-IND stages.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams with sector expertise. Within China, the firm prefers company with approved products and sales track record. Within the U.S., the firm can consider earlier stage companies depending on the business model and exit strategy. The firm’s GP has strong network in China and can offer assistance in distribution and registration.

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