Hot Investor Mandate 1: Large VC Firm With $600M Fund Exclusively Dedicated to Early-Stage Therapeutics

23 Nov

A venture capital firm who has raised over $1.9 billion is currently making investments out of its vintage 2016 $616 million fund. The firm seeks opportunities to transform patient’s lives by working at the intersection of science, medicine, strategy and business. The firm typically makes equity investments in the range of $40-$50 million in the companies it builds. Allocations are allocated in milestone driven tranches as their companies progress to and through clinical trials. The firm is geographically focused with portfolio companies near their offices in Boston and San Francisco.

The firm is currently building companies that will develop therapeutics across a diverse set of modalities: small molecules, biologics, gene therapy, and cell therapy. In terms of indication the firm is most interested in areas of oncology, cardiovascular, neurology, rare diseases, metabolic disorders and immunology. The firm typically builds companies with early discovery stage and pre-clinical assets that are within 3 years to filing an IND. The firm is focused on building product engine companies and typically does not build single asset companies, but will consider business development opportunities around assets relevant to companies it is building.

The firm builds companies with highly experienced management teams and focused recruiting great management teams for its companies. The firm acts as a long term strategic investor and takes a board seat into companies following investment.

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