Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Firm Seeks to Partner with Therapeutic Assets in CNS and Immunology Indications, Assisting Clinical Development

21 Feb

A USA fund seeks to in-license 4-6 IND-ready assets and develop them through Phase 2b. After proof-of-concept is established, the firm will seek to exit. Roughly 90% of the fund will be used to fund development, with clinical trials carried out by the firm. They are particularly interested in therapeutics falling in the sectors of neuroscience and immunology.

The firm is seeking small molecules and biologics in the areas of neuroscience and immunology that can improve patient lives. The firm does not consider drugs for highly crowded spaces, for example oncology or disease-modifying drugs for Alzheimer’s. Levadopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s and ataxia have been areas of interest, and they will consider therapeutics for orphan and rare diseases. Drug platforms addressing self-similar indications/targets are also of interest.

The firm looks for IND-ready drugs that can be developed or re-purposed, and will conduct a thorough due diligence taking 6 months to a year. The opportunity should have a clear regulatory and development pathway and good prospects for an exit within 4 years of acquisition. With strong scientific backgrounds themselves, the firm respects the expertise of the innovators. The firm will work with founders to arrange a deal, and are open to negotiating option agreements.

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