Hot Investor Mandate: Global Investment Firm Funds Clinical Trials of Biotech Companies, Open to Considering Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Digital Health

31 Aug

A firm with offices throughout USA, Western Europe, and Asia invests specifically in companies that are raising funds to carry out clinical trials which can be performed, totally or in part, in an affiliated network of sites located in Europe and Asia. The firm typically invests alongside lead investors with a track record in biotech or medtech, and usually funds a large fraction of clinical trial costs. The firm can fund up to 10-15 trials per year. The size of investments is flexible, scaled to the clinical trial requirements, and will mostly range from 1 to 6 million USD/EUR. Investments made by the firm will fund work performed by a top-tier FDA-inspected network of sites offering clinical studies and CRO services to major pharma companies.

Although focused primarily on therapeutics, the firm will also consider diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health companies. The firm is generally indication-agnostic but has a keen interest in fields such as diabetes, pulmonology, ophthalmology and some cancers. The firm is primarily interested in companies running Phase I / Phase II clinical trials or equivalent.

The firm looks to act as a co-investor and will typically not require a board seat. The firm will more often invest when there is a lead investor on board. The firm has no specific requirements for the management team.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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