There’s Still Time to Join the Global Roadshow Prep Course

2 Sep

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

There’s still time to sign up to join the Global Roadshow Prep Course, a one-day virtual training, which includes registration to RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17, with premier partnering access for only $1,950! The course is a hands-on, comprehensive experience designed to set up early-stage life science executives for success as they conduct their global fundraise, with availability on September 3 and September 10.

 Life Science Nation CEO Dennis Ford leads founders through tried-and-true modules targeting branding, messaging, marketing collateral, pitch materials, fundraising principles and strategies, tools for sourcing and developing partnerships, CRMs, outreach, pitching, and follow-up. Learning objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Branding and messaging communicating your company’s unique story and market value
  • Understanding and creating collateral for use in a pitch setting, including tagline, elevator pitch, executive summary, and slide deck
  • Discovering the values of different types of investors and identifying the best fit -based leads
  • Communicating effectively in order to secure a meeting and following up to develop an ongoing relationship
  • Engaging in successful partnering strategies to obtain funding and strategic partnership

view the agenda

If you’re starting your early-stage fundraising with a RESI conference, set yourself up for success with this companion course and save!


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