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RESI Innovators Shine in San Francisco – Winners Announced

12 Jan

Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Director of Research & Asia Business Development Liaison

Shaoyu 10*10The third RESI San Francisco Conference event, held on January 10th, saw 30 Innovation Challenge finalists competing for the votes of the largest RESI crowd to date.  With 1,000 attendees present, more votes were cast than in any Innovation Challenge to date. Biotech, medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies all competed in the exhibition-style challenge for the top prize.  Selected from over 100 applicants, the 30 finalists included many phenomenal startups.  Here, LSN would like to present the 3 winners.

First Place: Pathcore (Toronto, Canada)


Pathcore brings innovation to the crossroads of pathology and computation. By leveraging the power of digital computing and algorithm-based image analysis, digital pathology has the potential to transform healthcare. Pathology is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases, as well as the discovery and evaluation of new treatments. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on cancer research every year, and Pathcore is focused on providing the tools to accelerate that research and translate it into applied solutions. Pathcore is committed to pathologists and the patients they serve. Our software solutions are designed by pathologists, for pathologists, to enable them to work together, share their knowledge and expertise, and be more accurate, effective, and efficient.

Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Dan Hosseinzadeh, CEO, Pathcore | George Ayd Assistant Vice President, Medmarc | Stephane Langevin, CCO, Pathcore

Second Place: Myndblue (Cambridge, MA)


MyndBlue is a digital health/ connected medical device that detects and monitors relapse/recurrence in Major Depressive Disorders and Chronic PTSD. The company is headquartered in Paris and has US office in Cambridge, MA. MyndBlue’s mission is to change the way mental health conditions are diagnosed through technology, data and design – to get patients the right care. Mental health conditions affect around 615 million people worldwide. MyndBlue’s remote monitoring platform allows for a patient to be monitored with a proprietary device to provide information to a clinician before a crisis.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Denis Fompeyrine, PhD Founder & CEO, Myndblue | Nancy Briefs Serial Medical/Digital Health Entrepreneur, Myndblue | George Ayd Assistant Vice President, Medmarc

Third Place: Propep Surgical (Austin, TX)


Sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence are both common side effects following prostate cancer surgery. Inadvertent nerve injury occurring during the surgery is believed to be one of the primary causes. Using nerve monitoring technology that has been the Standard of Care in multiple surgical procedures for over 20 years, the ProPep® Nerve Monitoring System brings the same instant and accurate information regarding nerve location and function to laparoscopic and robotic prostatectomy surgery for the first time ever. The ProPep® Nerve Monitoring System is the first FDA-cleared real-time nerve monitoring system for laparoscopic & robotic prostatectomy surgery. With over 2500 commercial cases completed this system is proven to help surgeons identify critical non-visible somatic nerves at risk during surgery, thereby allowing the surgeon to make more-informed decisions on how to spare these nerves, potentially minimizing nerve damage.

Thank you to all who competed in the RESI San Francisco Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies.

RESI@TMCx: Innovators Are Invited To Apply

21 Jan

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Congratulations to Clearsight, Eve Medical, and Briteseed for their success in the RESI Innovation Challenge last week; at LSN, we hope that the success of these companies in RESI’s virtual fundraising challenge translates into real investor dollars!

If you’re interested in seeing your company’s name up there on the winner’s list, you can now apply to the RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge for the conference on April 11, 2016. Successful applicants will be provided with a spot in the RESI Exhibitor Hall, and the challenge provides entrepreneurs with a way to engage with RESI’s audience of active life science investors throughout the event. All RESI attendees are provided with “RESI Cash” tokens that they can allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most successful. At the end of the day, the capital invested will be tallied up and the top 3 participants will be announced.

This exhibition-style, interaction-focused format was developed by LSN because we’ve found more traditional “pitch contests” to be of poor value for startups. If there are any active life science investors viewing a pitch session (and we’ve found that many investors just aren’t interested in this format), they don’t have a direct way to interact with the pitcher and offer their feedback. RESI therefore focuses on providing startups with the opportunity to meet investors face to face, both through one-on-one meetings and informal networking, and the RESI Innovation Challenge provides entrepreneurs with an eye-catching way to make those in-depth conversations happen.

Previous RESI Innovation Challenge winners include:

Clearsight (Aurora, CO)

Rna Diagnostics (Toronto, ON)

Redox (Madison, WI)

Empiriko (Newton, MA)

ORIG3N (Boston, MA)

Kineta (Seattle, WA)

If you’re developing a cutting-edge biotech or medtech product, apply to the RESI Innovation Challenge to put your technology into the spotlight. We’ll look forward to seeing you at RESI@TMCx.

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