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RESI San Francisco Innovation Challenge – Check Out the Winners

11 Jan

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

RESI San Francisco 2018 was the biggest Redefining Early Stage Investments event yet. In a highly competitive RESI Innovation Challenge we saw novel technologies represented from the therapeutics, medtech, diagnostics, and healthcare IT verticals – we know it was tough for RESI attendees to choose how to allocate their 5 RESI “investment” tokens! We wish all our finalists the best in bringing their products forward toward commercialization, but there could only be 3 top prize winners.

First Place: CorInnova

With a $6 million lead investment from the UK-based Wellcome Trust ($26 billion in assets), CorInnova is developing an innovative minimally invasive cardiac assist device to treat heart failure. The collapsible soft robotic direct cardiac compression device, deployed minimally invasively into the pericardial space around the heart, does not touch the blood. The device should reduce hospital length of stay from 30 to 4 days and adverse events vs. LVADS by 40%. It will expand the eligible patient population 3 to 4X to an addressable market of up to $14 billion. CorInnova has a world-class team. First-in-human trials are anticipated to begin in 18 months. Three similar cardiac companies with only 10 patients’ data sold for $250 to $400 million in cash.

Boris Leschinsky, Vice President of Product Development,CorInnova | Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation | William Altman, CEO, CorInnova | Keith Svagerko, Vice President, Business Development, CorInnova


Second Place: ImmunoBiochem Corporation

ImmunoBiochem is a privately held biopharmaceutical company solving the problem of tumor heterogeneity by targeting unique proteins enriched in the secretomes of cancer cells with Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) – a promising class of biological anticancer therapeutics. ImmunoBiochem has identified a class of molecular targets that are secreted by cancer cells, but not healthy cells, and possess unique properties enabling the highly-selective delivery of toxic payloads to cancer cells, while leaving normal cells unharmed. ImmunoBiochem’s next-generation biologics aim to offer a superior safety profile and broad therapeutic window. Lead candidate, IMB-212, is aimed at a well-characterized cancer biomarker supported by a wealth of clinical data, and is being developed for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) – an aggressive disease for which no targeted biologics treatment options are available.

Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation | Anton Neschadim, CEO, ImmunoBiochem | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN


Third Place: Biorez

Biorez is an early-stage regenerative medicine company developing a bioresorbable scaffold for ACL reconstruction. Despite over 400,000 procedures each year, current surgical options are limited to autograft tissue, which requires a patient to sacrifice their own tendon, or allograft tissue, which is harvested from cadavers and has a higher failure rate. There is a large, unmet clinical need for a consistent, off-the-shelf device for ligament regeneration. The Biorez device provides the necessary strength to support physical activity, while its highly porous, proprietary structure facilitates a patient’s own cells to follow the scaffold and regenerate new functional tissue. The company is supported by early-stage VC investors, world-class scientific advisors, and a dedicated team to commercialize this exciting technology.

Dennis Ford, CEO, Life Science Nation | Kevin Rocco, CEO, Biorez | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN

Thank you to all who competed in the RESI JPM Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies. Welcome to join our upcoming RESI on MaRS event on April 10th, register now.

RESI NYC 2017 Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

16 Nov

By Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN

natasha-wp-newYesterday, we held the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference in New York for the first time, and 36 finalists competed for “investment” tokens from the RESI audience. These finalists included companies developing novel drugs or devices, new diagnostics and healthcare IT applications. All of these companies have the potential to revolutionize medicine, but there could only be 3 top prize winners.

First Place: Sen-Jam Pharma

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is reimaging health through innovation. Sen-Jam’s Exulta™ asset, a fixed-dose novel combination therapy, provides opioid free pain relief with GI protection for extended use. Exulta™ can stabilize the innate immune system by modulating histamines, prostaglandins and regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines. Exulta™ can also attenuate glial cell activity. Exulta’s platform can be used for multiple indications: reducing opioid induced hyperalgesia, tolerance and dependence for all chronic opioid users, reducing symptoms of opioid withdrawal, treatment of arthritis, reducing common cold symptoms, reducing alcohol hangover symptoms, and preventing symptoms associated with vaccine administration. Exulta™ has been shown in volunteers to reduce symptoms associated with the innate immune response by 60-90% in over 500 dosing events without adverse effects.

Jim Iversen, CEO & COO, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical | Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN | Thomas Dahl, Head of Product Development & Regulatory Affairs, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN

Second Place: Bioharmony Therapeutics

Bioharmony Therapeutics is an early-stage biotechnology company developing next-gen antimicrobial therapies for lethal drug-resistant bacterial infections. We are exploiting millions of year of phage-bacteria evolution to develop lysins, enzymes produced by phages that rapidly kill bacteria and have a very low chance of developing resistance. Our lead product targets infections caused by Acinetobacter baumannii, a MDR-pathogen that poses the greatest threat to human health. Our pipeline targets infections caused by other Gram-negative bacteria such as E.coli and Klebsiella, for use in UTI, pneumonia and sepsis.

Chandrabali Ghose, Founder & CEO, Bioharmony Therapeutics | Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN

Third Place: Mirimus

Mirimus is engaged in the design, development and pioneering of new genome editing technologies to develop animal models that are crucial for the preclinical evaluation of new therapeutics. We are a high-tech business unlike any other with expertise in RNAi technologies critical for development of animal models that can pave the way we develop drugs, by pin-pointing potential toxicities and guiding the development of safer, more effective therapeutics. We are revolutionizing the creation of animal models by synergzing RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies for development of mice, rats and higher organisms.

Prem Premsrirut, Founder & CEO, Mirimus | Lucy Parkinson, Director of Investor Research, LSN | Natasha Eldridge, Director of RESI Conference Series, LSN

If you missed out on the opportunity to compete in the RESI NYC Innovation Challenge, we’d be happy to take your application for our upcoming San Francisco event on January 9th.

Apply for RESI San Francisco 2018 Innovation Challenge Now!

RESI on MaRS Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

6 Apr

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

On April 4, more than 600 entrepreneurs and investors entered the exhibition hall at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. They were greeted by 30 Innovation Challenge finalists across therapeutics, medical device, diagnostics, and healthcare IT sectors. The 30 companies, hand selected by LSN’s scientific and commercial review team, competed directly on merits of innovation and commercial viability. Here, LSN would like to present the top 3 winners who attracted the greatest amount of “RESI Cash”.

First Place: Steadiwear

Steadiwear inc.‘s mission is to restore independence and quality of life to all tremor sufferers worldwide. We have developed the Steadiglove, a smart glove that responsively stabilizes hand tremors in Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s disease using novel vibration damping technology. This allows users to go about all daily activities such as eating and getting dressed with significantly less frustration.

Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Mark Elias, CEO, Co-founder, Steadiwear | Emile Maamary, CFO, Co-founder | Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager – RESI Conference, Life Science Nation

Second Place: BlueLight

BlueLight is a healthcare technology company specializing in the measurement of light energy. Our data-driven technologies, sold worldwide, target a quality gap in the multi billion-dollar dental composite market.

Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager – RESI Conference, Life Science Nation | Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | JP Furey, CEO, BlueLight | Peter MacLareN, Director of Customer Relations, BlueLight

Third Place: Cyclica

Cyclica Inc. has developed, validated, and patented a structure-based proteome-wide screening platform, Ligand Express™, that currently features PROBEx (proteome-screening), SWITCHx (ligand effect prediction) and DIVEx (systems biology & drug-protein interactomes). Ligand Express™ is unique in that it is a drug-centric platform. For a small molecule ligand, Ligand Express™ automatically generates an intelligent list of ligand-protein interactions by searching through a large proprietary database of all available structurally characterized proteins. The platform provides a panoramic view of a small molecule ligand to better understand on- and off-target interactions, and is valuable in finding novel desirable or undesirable targets. By gaining insights into a ligand’s polypharmacology, Cyclica’s clients can identify unknown targets, prioritize lead candidates, elucidate adverse effects, and understand repurposing opportunities.

Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Naheed Kurji, President and CEO, Cyclica | Natasha Eldridge, Marketing Manager – RESI Conference, Life Science Nation

Thank you to all who competed in the RESI on MaRS Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies.

RESI Innovators Shine in San Francisco – Winners Announced

12 Jan

Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Director of Research & Asia Business Development Liaison

Shaoyu 10*10The third RESI San Francisco Conference event, held on January 10th, saw 30 Innovation Challenge finalists competing for the votes of the largest RESI crowd to date.  With 1,000 attendees present, more votes were cast than in any Innovation Challenge to date. Biotech, medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies all competed in the exhibition-style challenge for the top prize.  Selected from over 100 applicants, the 30 finalists included many phenomenal startups.  Here, LSN would like to present the 3 winners.

First Place: Pathcore (Toronto, Canada)


Pathcore brings innovation to the crossroads of pathology and computation. By leveraging the power of digital computing and algorithm-based image analysis, digital pathology has the potential to transform healthcare. Pathology is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases, as well as the discovery and evaluation of new treatments. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on cancer research every year, and Pathcore is focused on providing the tools to accelerate that research and translate it into applied solutions. Pathcore is committed to pathologists and the patients they serve. Our software solutions are designed by pathologists, for pathologists, to enable them to work together, share their knowledge and expertise, and be more accurate, effective, and efficient.

Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Dan Hosseinzadeh, CEO, Pathcore | George Ayd Assistant Vice President, Medmarc | Stephane Langevin, CCO, Pathcore

Second Place: Myndblue (Cambridge, MA)


MyndBlue is a digital health/ connected medical device that detects and monitors relapse/recurrence in Major Depressive Disorders and Chronic PTSD. The company is headquartered in Paris and has US office in Cambridge, MA. MyndBlue’s mission is to change the way mental health conditions are diagnosed through technology, data and design – to get patients the right care. Mental health conditions affect around 615 million people worldwide. MyndBlue’s remote monitoring platform allows for a patient to be monitored with a proprietary device to provide information to a clinician before a crisis.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Denis Fompeyrine, PhD Founder & CEO, Myndblue | Nancy Briefs Serial Medical/Digital Health Entrepreneur, Myndblue | George Ayd Assistant Vice President, Medmarc

Third Place: Propep Surgical (Austin, TX)


Sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence are both common side effects following prostate cancer surgery. Inadvertent nerve injury occurring during the surgery is believed to be one of the primary causes. Using nerve monitoring technology that has been the Standard of Care in multiple surgical procedures for over 20 years, the ProPep® Nerve Monitoring System brings the same instant and accurate information regarding nerve location and function to laparoscopic and robotic prostatectomy surgery for the first time ever. The ProPep® Nerve Monitoring System is the first FDA-cleared real-time nerve monitoring system for laparoscopic & robotic prostatectomy surgery. With over 2500 commercial cases completed this system is proven to help surgeons identify critical non-visible somatic nerves at risk during surgery, thereby allowing the surgeon to make more-informed decisions on how to spare these nerves, potentially minimizing nerve damage.

Thank you to all who competed in the RESI San Francisco Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies.

RESI X Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

15 Sep

By Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, Senior Research Manager & Asia Business Development Liaison, LSN

Shaoyu 10*10

On September 13, a record number of 700 entrepreneurs and investors entered the exhibition hall at Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA. They were greeted by 30 Innovation Challenge finalists—companies from the biopharma, biotech, medical device, diagnostics, and digital health sectors. The teams were screened and selected from over a hundred applicants; all were very strong competitors, but only one winner could emerge from the all-day exhibition-style contest!

First Place: BioMedomics, Inc. (Durham, NC, USA)


BioMedomics, Inc. is a point-of-care (POC) diagnostics company focused on unique, disease-specific tests and highly advanced quantitative detection platforms. BioMedomics has successfully developed and marketed 3 novel tests for hemoglobinopathies: Sickle SCAN®, alpha-Thal SCAN®, and Hemo SCAN®. We also recently received regulatory approval, and are working towards product launch for a novel POC quantitative test for hemoglobin S (HbS) which is used in the treatment of Sickle Cell Disease. Additionally, quantitative POC tests for TSH, testosterone, vitamin D and troponin based on our patented high sensitivity Time Resolved diagnostics platform and a rapid POC test for beta-thalassemia, are also under development.


Frank Wang, PhD, CEO, BioMedomics

Second Place: Epitel (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)


Epitel develops wireless transmitter and data logging systems for both pre-clinical animal models of human disease and validated clinical wearables. Epitel currently sells its EpochTM wireless biopotential monitoring system for rodents through a network of research product resellers. Epitel spun out of the University of Utah to develop medical devices based on its patented miniature wireless technology. This technology enables very low power transmission of biopotentials which translates to discrete wearables. Epitel’s clinical market is long-term monitoring of EEG with discreet wearables focusing on seizure counting in epilepsy and sleep quality monitoring for sleep disorders and sleep health. Epitel’s team includes biomedical, electrical, and regulatory engineers with experience in the healthcare industry, as well as business and healthcare advisors.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Jean Marie Wheeler, Regulatory Science and Engineering, Epitel | Mark Lehmkuhle, CEO,CTO, Epitel

Third Place: Novoron Bioscience, Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA)


Novoron Bioscience, Inc., is a pre-clinical stage biotech startup committed to developing the first ever neuro-regenerative therapies. The mechanistic foundation of our therapeutic platform has been shown to be effective at regenerating multiple cell types in the central nervous system, and we are currently developing our lead biologic molecule for multiple sclerosis (MS) and spinal cord injury. To date we have raised $1.25 MM in non-dilutive funds and are currently looking to raise $2.5 MM to complete lead optimization for our MS indication. Novoron has assembled a strong team consisting of the inventors of the technology, experienced biotech executives, and renowned clinicians and researchers that will be able to successfully develop our novel therapeutic platform into a neuro-regenerative human drug.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation | Dr. Travis Stiles, CEO & President, Novoron Bioscience

Thank you to all who competed in RESI X Innovation Challenge, and to all the RESI attendees who took part by investing their votes in their favorite competing companies. If you’d like to be part of the RESI San Francisco Innovation Challenge, apply now.


RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

14 Apr

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

This week at RESI@TMCx, thirty companies from the biotech, medical device, diagnostic and healthcare IT sectors competed in the RESI Innovation Challenge. From among the applications we received, these companies were selected by LSN’s scientific review board to present their technologies in an exhibition-style format while RESI attendees cast their votes on the best innovations on display. Here are the top 3 winners!

First Prize Winner: GeneSegues Therapeutics


GeneSegues develops novel nanocapsule based solutions that can unlock the potential of promising drugs that need more precise delivery. Our technology is highly differentiated in that our ultra-small nanocapsule is 3x smaller than competing capsules and, due to their versatility and efficiency, can be readily designed to reach more targets with more drug leading to better treatment outcomes. We are using this technology to develop our own nanoencapsulated RNA drug for head and neck and colon cancers. In addition to developing our proprietary cancer drug candidate pipeline, we are seeking to partner our nanocapsules with drug developers in other cancer indications and other disease markets in need of innovative and effective targeted delivery solutions. We are actively engaged in a number of very high potential markets in need of new delivery technologies for RNAI, gene therapy and gene editing (also known as CRISPR). Because we can create new nanocapsules more quickly and significantly smaller than the competition, we can be a leader in some of the most exciting fields in medicine today.


Laura Brod, CEO, GeneSegues

Second Prize Winner: GreenLight Medical


GreenLight Medical is a cloud-based software to streamline the introduction, evaluation, and approval of new medical technology within hospitals. GreenLight is an end-to-end solution, offering a secure, collaborative, information-exchange platform to align medical device companies, medical sales representatives, hospital providers, and physicians in one all-inclusive tool. By eliciting coordination among multiple parties on new product evaluation, data, documents, and decisions can be analyzed from one shared space. GreenLight provides the actionable data and insights needed to enable medical suppliers and hospital providers alignment on cost, quality, and outcomes regarding new medical technology introduction.


Austin Dirks, CEO & CO-Founder, GreenLight Medical

Third Prize Winner: Adhesys Medical


Surgeons still suture or staple more than they’d like to, as medical glues don’t live up to their requirements. Adhesys Medical seeks to change the game, developing one-of-its kind polyurethane-based surgical adhesives. The technology is unique as it combines ease of use, strength, flexibility and biodegradability, allowing for wound-closure on and in the body within seconds and use in unprecedented areas of surgery. Venture backed and based in the US and Germany, it is our vision to advance surgery by providing physicians with the tools to minimize complications and maximize patient comfort.

Alexander Schüller, President & Laurence Zhu, Analyst from Adhesys with Emmanuelle Schuler Head of JLABS@TMC

Alexander Schüller, President & Laurence Zhu, Analyst from Adhesys with Emmanuelle Schuler Head of JLABS@TMC

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