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RESI on MaRS Panel Announcement: Medical Device Investors

22 Mar

By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

Medical device innovation is known for being a challenging area for raising capital.  Given the timelines and capital requirements involved, as well as the increasing consolidation of the major firms that make up the exit landscape for devices, entrepreneurs may find it difficult to build their investment story.  However, LSN is in contact with hundreds of investors who are seeking deals in the device space, either for purely return-driven investments or for adding to a strategic pipeline.  At RESI, we aim to bridge the gap between early stage device firms and investors and help entrepreneurs close those ‘last three feet’ to make deals.

At RESI on MaRS, we welcome a Medical Device Investors panel featuring experienced investors from across North America, including both strategic players and financially-driven venture investors who will explore and elucidate the world of early stage device investment from every angle.  The panel will be moderated by Sam Ifergan, President & CEO, iGan Partners, and the participants are:

  • Katherine Parra Moreno, Vice President of Business Development, Epic Capital Management
  • Zishan Haroon, Chairman and General Partner, Julz Co LLC
  • V Kadir Kadhiresan, Vice President, Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
  • Gerry Brunk, Managing Director, Lumira Capital

RESI San Francisco @ JPM Week – Medical Devices Panel Announcement

14 Dec

By Claire Jeong, Research Analyst, LSN


With RESI San Francisco less than a month away, we are proud to announce the Medical Device investors panel, where 5 seasoned experts in medical device investments will discuss how they seek to work with early-stage medical technology entrepreneurs.

The fundraising process and path to commercialization for medical device products continue to be a rigorous challenge for many budding companies. Especially with the exponential growth of the IoT/IoMT market, a growing number of entrepreneurs are focusing on the development of connected, “smarter” devices that incorporate a software or data component. Although often overshadowed by the biopharmaceutical industry in terms of degree of need or financial returns, the medical device sector is a very much needed area in the improvement of healthcare.

If you are a medical device entrepreneur and heading to San Francisco for JPM week, you do not want to miss out on our RESI Medical Devices panel! Our panelists are:

  • Renee Ryan, Vice President, JJDC, Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS)
  • Yao Li Ho, Director of Business Development, LYFE Capital
  • Zishan “Z” Haroon, Chairman & General Partner, Julz Co LLC
  • Sam Ifergan, President & CEO, iGan Partners
  • Randy Scott, Partner, HealthQuest Capital

RESI New York City: Venture Philanthropy Panel Announcement

2 Nov

By Christine A. Wu, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


Venture philanthropic foundations have deep expertise that is often overlooked. Each foundation has a specific, genuine mission towards a disease area that provides them enormous capacity to bring forward more than any entrepreneur can realize. Along with funding, venture philanthropic investors can provide patient access for underserved populations, specialize in assessing and tracking “positively impactful” technology in their particular field, and utilize their own relationships with traditional ventures in creative ways, among other initiatives.

New York City is home to a great number of life science foundations. LSN has dedicated the Venture Philanthropy panel to the following five incredible Foundations for the RESI New York City Conference on November 15th. Moderated by John Walter, CEO and President of Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, the audience will have an exclusive opportunity to hear from:

  • Alyssa Reimer, Associate Director, Research Partnerships, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
  • Michael Batten, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) T1D Fund
  • Ken LaMontagne, VP of Research, Therapy Acceleration Program, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Andres Hurtado-Lorenzo, Director of Translational Research, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

Venture philanthropy investors maintain the genuine purpose of moving forward in the field of life science. Non-traditional investors such as these groups are great funding sources with incredible knowledge in their fields, while also taking inspirational strides to achieve their goals.

Foundations are a strong reminder not to lose track of the mission in life science.

Register before it’s too late to hear first-hand from this fantastic panel!

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