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Hot Investor Mandate 3: USA Venture Firm Seeks to Invest in Innovative Digital Health and Software-Based Diagnostic Companies

14 Jun

A venture capital firm with multiple offices in the USA is looking to invest in tech-driven companies that have at least one female on the leadership team. The firm invests in technology companies, including those in the healthcare sector, such as digital health and software-based diagnostics companies. The firm will invest primarily in series A-B rounds in USA-based companies with at least $1M in revenue. The firm will typically make initial investments between $1.5-5M.

The firm invests in technology companies in the digital health space that are solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. The firm particularly likes to see companies that are creating more affordable health solutions.

The firm does not require a board seat when investing, but may take one if the firm leads an investment round.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com.

Hot Investor Mandate 2: Taiwan Cross Border VC Seeks Medical Devices, Diagnostic Tools, Digital Health, Healthcare IoT Technologies

7 Jun

An early-stage venture capital firm based in Taipei, Taiwan is actively investing in the life sciences space. Formed by a group of successful entrepreneurs, the firm specializes in incubation, seed and early venture investments in technology-heavy sectors. The firm is currently investing from its $35 million fund that closed in 2016. Typical equity allocations range from $500K to $3M in seed to series A rounds. The firm generally leads a financing round but is also open to syndication. The firm is currently seeking opportunities from Taiwan and the United States.

Within life sciences, the firm considers medical devices, IVD tools, digital health and healthcare internet of things (IoT). Within medtech, the firm is looking for early stage projects with solid unmet medical need. On-market products are less of interest. The firm is open to all risk levels and all disease indications. The firm is also interested in material science and agricultural biotech.

The firm is an active investor. The firm can work with incomplete teams, assist companies with regulatory strategy and product definition, and help overseas businesses find manufacturing partners in Taiwan. The firm typically takes a board seat in a portfolio company.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com.

RESI San Diego Panel Announcement – Diagnostic Investors

4 May

By Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, LSN


Fundraising for diagnostics companies, like most early stage healthcare technologies, is no easy task. A relative lack of a thriving M&A/IPO exit environment compared to other life science sectors along with high profile flops in the space has made some investors wary. However there exists a significant need for advancement in the field of diagnostics. From pharma companies wanting novel biomarkers to more accurately stratify patients for clinical trials, to the rise of personalized therapies via genomic testing, there’s a growing need for more accurate diagnostics and in many disease areas they do not currently exist.

In addition, many traditionally software or technology focused VCs and major strategics are looking to utilize their expertise to advance bioinformatic breakthroughs. While some these “new” healthcare investors have learned the hard way the difference between healthcare and consumer tech, as they continue to learn they will likely represent an increase of value added capital to the space.

In this session, we will hear from 5 Investors including VCs, large corporations and angels with experience and intent to invest in early stage diagnostics companies. The speakers will cover the types of investments they are looking to make and share insights they have learned working within the space. For any entrepreneur looking to raise capital for a diagnostic technology this is a must attend panel. Look below to see the speakers for yourself. We hope to see you in San Diego.

RESI@TMCx Panel Announcement: Diagnostic Investors

24 Mar

By Cole Bunn, Research Analyst, LSN


The diagnostics space encompasses a very wide range of technologies targeting indications across the board, and is arguably the most difficult sector, under the life science umbrella, to successfully navigate. Not only do these entrepreneurs have to first identify the correct capital providers and strategic partners to make their technologies a commercial reality, like everyone else, but piquing the interests of those entities may be considerably more difficult. Oftentimes, clearly articulating the value proposition of your diagnostic product/service is a little trickier than that of a more traditional therapeutic or medical device, and the go-to-market strategy for these technologies will usually be more highly scrutinized.

Moderated by John Walter, CEO & President, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy Foundation, this session will feature:

Given the complex strategic landscape diagnostics often face, along with the importance of the having the correct strategy in place, the value of guidance and feedback from experienced diagnostic investors can’t be overstated. This diverse set of panelists, representing a variety of different funds and organizations, will give the audience firsthand perspectives to help position their companies for success.

Registering for the RESI Conference will give you the opportunity to listen to this panel live, connect with relevant investors and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

RESI Panel Announcement: Diagnostic Investors

3 Dec

By Nicholas Civitarese, Research Analyst, LSN


The amount of capital being invested in medical technology and diagnostics is at its highest point since 2008. However, companies in the diagnostics space face some unique challenges in the fundraising landscape.

To inform your fundraising campaign’s direction, Life Science Nation is pleased to announce a panel of six investors with expertise in the diagnostics space for RESI San Francisco on January 12th. Moderated by Akhil Saklecha, Partner at Artiman Ventures, the panel will feature:

This panel will provide fundraising entrepreneurs with an inside peak into the strategy of these diagnostic investors – including best practices for building relationships with diagnostic investors as well as advice on making sure your diagnostic company is positioned as a strong investment opportunity.

If you’re interested in listening to this panel live at RESI, you can register for RESI San Francisco now. RESI provides a great opportunity to expand your network in the life sciences and to get a better understanding of fundraising process, and January 12th will be our largest gathering yet.


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