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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Taiwan Cross Border VC Seeks Medical Devices, Diagnostic Tools, Digital Health, Healthcare IoT Technologies

7 Jun

An early-stage venture capital firm based in Taipei, Taiwan is actively investing in the life sciences space. Formed by a group of successful entrepreneurs, the firm specializes in incubation, seed and early venture investments in technology-heavy sectors. The firm is currently investing from its $35 million fund that closed in 2016. Typical equity allocations range from $500K to $3M in seed to series A rounds. The firm generally leads a financing round but is also open to syndication. The firm is currently seeking opportunities from Taiwan and the United States.

Within life sciences, the firm considers medical devices, IVD tools, digital health and healthcare internet of things (IoT). Within medtech, the firm is looking for early stage projects with solid unmet medical need. On-market products are less of interest. The firm is open to all risk levels and all disease indications. The firm is also interested in material science and agricultural biotech.

The firm is an active investor. The firm can work with incomplete teams, assist companies with regulatory strategy and product definition, and help overseas businesses find manufacturing partners in Taiwan. The firm typically takes a board seat in a portfolio company.

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Hot Investor 1: VC/PE Investment Firm Backed by China and Taiwan Companies Invests Broadly Across Seed and Post-Seed Stage Life Science Companies

22 Mar

A venture capital and private equity firm based in Cambridge, MA provides seed capital out of an angel group subsidiary within the firm, and also provides equity to later stage IT (robotics, AI, IoT, new materials, FinTech, etc.) and healthcare companies. The firm is backed by five public pharmaceutical companies and ten public IT and healthcare companies from Taiwan and China. The angel group subsidiary provides up to $2M seed stage investments in early-stage companies, while the parent firm provides equity of $2M – $5M per company post seed stage. The firm is also actively looking for PE and M&A opportunities worldwide in the $1B ~ 5B range. The firm seeks companies on a global level, though has a focus in Boston and North America East Coast-based companies.

Within healthcare, the firm is interested in biotech therapeutics, medical devices, healthcare IT and digital health. The firm is opportunistic in subsector and indication and has a specific interest in oncology products. For healthcare IT, the firm is interested in software, AI, robotics, and digital health technology that seeks to integrate into hospital systems. For medical devices, the firm is interested in drug delivery system devices that require a therapeutic component. The firm typically seeks companies that already have CE Mark, FDA, CFDA, or TFDA approval.

The firm requires the management team to have technical expertise in their field of study, and prefers companies that also have business development expertise. The firm typically takes a board seat after an investment, but at the minimum will maintain a close relationship with the entrepreneur as a support and advisor. The firm typically participates in two financing rounds per company, and also supports the company in finding add-on investors for the following round.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email mandates@lifesciencenation.com.

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