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Hot Investor Mandate 3: USA Venture Firm Seeks to Invest in Innovative Digital Health and Software-Based Diagnostic Companies

14 Jun

A venture capital firm with multiple offices in the USA is looking to invest in tech-driven companies that have at least one female on the leadership team. The firm invests in technology companies, including those in the healthcare sector, such as digital health and software-based diagnostics companies. The firm will invest primarily in series A-B rounds in USA-based companies with at least $1M in revenue. The firm will typically make initial investments between $1.5-5M.

The firm invests in technology companies in the digital health space that are solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. The firm particularly likes to see companies that are creating more affordable health solutions.

The firm does not require a board seat when investing, but may take one if the firm leads an investment round.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: USA Venture Fund Invests in Therapeutics and Digital Health, With Strong Interests in Small Molecule Therapies in Inflammation, Infectious, Autoimmune Diseases

31 May

A USA-based venture capital fund is currently making investments out of a $150-million-dollar fund. The firm is looking to make 15 additional investments with allocations generally in the $1-3 million range. The firm is looking to make equity investments and is open to investing in companies globally.

The firm is interested in therapeutic companies developing small molecules for inflammation, infectious and autoimmune disease and stays away from biologics, cell and gene therapy. The firm is also interested in digital health and mobile health services, AI in healthcare, B2B2C medical devices. The firm is looking for companies with some level of proof-of-concept data either in vivo or in vitro up until Phase II of clinical trials. As for digital health, the firm is looking for scalable SAAS models, novel types of healthcare delivery, point-of-care diagnostics and patient’s self-management tools.

The firm is willing to work with incomplete management teams, often working with IP that has just recently spun out of a university. The firm is willing and able to act as a lead or co-investor in financing rounds.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Venture Firm Seeking Cellular Engineering Technologies for Diagnostics, Devices, and Therapeutics

10 May

A venture fund focusing on the frontiers of the intersection of science and technology looks for companies that are changing the market standards through innovative approaches. The firm is interested in US-based companies and generally invests in seed-series A rounds, typically when less than $5m is being raised. The firm invests in pre-clinical/in development technologies but prefers there to be proof-of-concept data. For medical devices, the firm will consider devices in the 510k regulatory pathway. The firm will generally invest between $250,000-1M, and will often connect companies to larger funds for later capital raises.

The firm is agnostic to sector and indication, and will also consider platform technologies. However, the firm is looking for companies that use DNA and cellular engineering technologies for diagnostics and therapeutics. The firm is not interested in standard therapeutics approaches such as small molecules. For medical devices, the firm is looking for devices that change the paradigms of care, solving an unmet need with a unique approach.

The firm does not require a board seat when investing. Rather, the firm will be as involved as necessary to help the company succeed, whether through personal intervention or through a connection to an external expert.

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Hot Investor Mandate 4: Venture Arm of Global Medical Device Company Looking to Invest In or Partner with Early-Stage Companies Developing Platforms for Regenerative Medicine

26 Apr

A venture arm of a global medical device company that has worked with researchers and physicians for more than 50 years to develop more effective therapeutic tools, is focused on developing research and clinical tools to advance regenerative medicine therapies from the lab to the patient. The firm is focused on early-stage technologies and is flexible in terms of deal structures and partnerships with startup companies, including seed stage equity investments, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures/collaborations. The firm looks to be a dedicated partner working closely with startups to advance technologies and build companies. The firm has a global presence and is open to early-stage companies from around the world.

The firm’s core focus is on tools and bioprocessing platforms for regenerative medicine including, but not limited to, cell and gene therapies. Interests also include therapies that rely on immature or insufficient manufacturing tools and processes. Some examples of the firm’s products include a platelet lysate culture media to expand cell lines, automated fill/finish and thawing devices, a cryogenic vial to protect samples throughout lab processes, a blood filtration system for autologous cell therapy preparation and more.

The firm has no strict requirements for companies or management teams.

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Hot Investor Mandate 3: Technology Firm Establishes New Venture Fund for Investing in Early-Stage Digital Health Companies Globally

5 Apr

An operating group of a global public technology firm with an $18B market cap. The group began its venture portfolio in 2018 with investments in B-to-B software companies targeted at specific vertical markets such as healthcare. The fund invests $0.5M – 1M per company and is seeking companies raising seed to Series B rounds. The company is seeking 5 – 10 new investments to build their initial portfolio. The company prefers companies based in Canada, though as the parent firm is located in the US, UK, EU, and AU, the fund is open to invest globally.

The company is seeking healthcare IT, and they are particularly investing in technologies with a software component. The firm prefers commercial-stage companies, though is open to looking at clinical-stage companies as well. The company is indication agnostic.

The company will help companies fill management team positions, if necessary. The company prefers companies that are generating $100K – 3M in annual revenue.

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Hot Investor Mandate 2: Strategic Venture Fund of a Japanese Pharma Seeks to Invest in First-In-Class Therapeutics Opportunities, with Strong Focus in Oncology

29 Mar

A strategic corporate venture capital fund by a full-fledged oncology pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, seeks to make equity investment in startup companies that discover and develop innovative therapeutic products and/or drug-enabling platform technologies that demonstrate a clear potential to benefit cancer patients. Investment size can be flexible depending on the deal. The firm will also consider the option-type of investments and spin-outs, in addition to pure equity investments. The fund is currently seeking opportunities in the USA, Europe and Japan, the focus being mainly in USA and Europe.

The firm will consider early-stage (generally research to pre-IND) first-in-class/new biology-based approaches in drug discovery and innovative platform technologies for drug discovery, especially assets that have a strategic angle to the pharmaceutical’s pipeline. The firm considers a wide variety of modalities (biologics/oncolytic viruses and small molecules) as well as cell and gene therapy, on an opportunistic basis. The firm’s primary indication of interest is oncology, but the firm is also interested in immunology, allergy, musculoskeletal, and orphan indications.

While the firm is primarily focused on therapeutics, the firm may review technologies in medical device, diagnostic, or digital health sectors if there is a strong strategic alignment.

The firm is looking for teams with strong sector expertise. With the support of the pharmaceutical’s established expertise in the field of oncology product discovery and development, the firm will provide financial resources and company outreach to build strategic alliances to help translate novel research and high potential drug candidates into cornerstone products. The firm may request regional option or rights on a case-by-case basis.

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Hot Investor 2: Venture Arm of Swiss Foundation Invests Globally in Disruptive Medtech and Digital Health Companies in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeries

22 Mar

A venture arm of a Switzerland-based foundation invests in start-ups that fundamentally improve patient care in the area of orthopedic, spine & trauma surgery. While the firm will invest globally, the current focus is on companies located in North America, Europe and Israel. The firm prefers to participate in Series A rounds, investing between $1-2.5M with the potential to provide additional capital in later rounds. The firm’s sole investor is their parent foundation, a surgeon-led, not-for-profit organization. The foundation has a global network of more than 16,000 healthcare professionals and scientists in over 100 countries specialized in the treatment of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The firm looks to fund companies with disruptive technologies in medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare IT/digital health in the trauma and orthopedic surgery space. This includes technologies for before, during or after surgery, such as imaging, surgical tools, implantable devices and clinical data management. However, the firm is not currently looking to fund any regenerative medicine or tissue engineering applications within this space. If a medical device or diagnostic, companies should have a working prototype and preclinical data, while healthcare IT/digital health companies should have a running MVP as well as the ability to show market traction.

The firm invests in teams and companies that solve fundamental problems. The firm is looking for a clear market understanding and strong USP.

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