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2016 Highlights: A Look Back at Next Phase’s Top 10 Articles

29 Dec

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Throughout 2016, Next Phase has brought you updates and advice on early stage life science fundraising. This week, we’d like to take a look back at the highlights of the year, from some hard data on drug development funding to tips on marketing and pitching your company. We hope you enjoy this roundup of our top 10 articles of the year. See you in 2017.

  1. Drug Development: What Does It Cost, and Who Has The Capital?
  2. The Journey of the Executive Summary and the PowerPoint Pitch Deck
  3. It’s a Numbers Game: Why Some Folks Book Lots of Partnering Meetings and Others Don’t
  4. Is the Early Stage Opportunistic Investment Strategy Broken?
  5. Top Takeaways for Pitching from the WIB, JLABS, and J&J Innovation Lobster Pot
  6. Short-Term Investors in Long-Long Development: Matching an Investor’s Time Horizon
  7. Calling All Capital Raising CEOs
  8. Corporate Partnerships On The Rise: The Toronto Opportunity
  9. How Massachusetts Wins the War for Global Talent
  10. R&D Tax Credits: A New Non-Dilutive Funding Source For Startups

Compelling New Technology Startups Selected RESI@JPM Innovation Challenge

29 Dec

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN

The 11th Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference will be joining the JPM fray for our largest event yet on January 10th in San Francisco. We’re excited to announce the early stage life science companies that will be participating in the RESI Innovation Challenge.

The 30 participating companies have been hand-selected by LSN’s scientific review committee based on the innovative nature of their core technology and how well-positioned each is to capitalize on their respective market opportunities.

Digital Health


Medtech Devices

RESI San Francisco Panel Announcement: Tech Giants in Healthcare

29 Dec

By Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, LSN


Large technology companies have been expanding their footprint in the healthcare sector through venture investment and partnerships into early stage healthcare companies. Often seeking technology with a significant software component, many of these groups have helped to fuel the massive growth that has been seen in the digital health space in the past few years. From patient monitoring devices to mobile 3D imaging devices the lines between pure tech and healthcare are slowly beginning to blur as healthcare providers continually look to improve care while lowering costs.

Moderated by Michael Greeley, General Partner, Flare Capital Partners, the panelists are:

  • Iana Dimkova, Senior Associate, Healthcare, GE Ventures
  • Lucian Iancovici, FACHE, Head of Qualcomm Life Fund, Qualcomm Ventures
  • Rich Wilmot, Head of Corporate Venturing, Philips
  • Ying Tam, Head, Digital Health Cluster, Venture Services, MaRS

In this session, a number of investors at these large firms will discuss their involvement in healthcare innovation ecosystem. What types of technologies they are interested in? How much data do they like to see pre-investment? What problems in the space are they looking to tackle? These questions and more will be answered at RESI on Jan 10th so if you’re looking to partner with a large tech company for your product this is a panel you don’t want to miss.

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