Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based VC Firm Invests in Therapeutics and Medical Device Companies Based in USA and Canada, Focusing on Series A/B Deals

15 Aug

A venture capital firm based in China is currently investing from their first USD fund and actively raising for their second USD fund to invest in companies based in USA and Canada. The firm also shifted their paradigm that in the next 5 years, they will have 60% of the fund and portfolio companies from the U.S. The firm focuses on Series A-B deals within the US, Canada, and China and typically invests USD 2-5 million per deal. The firm typically co-invests, but is willing to lead in specific situations.

The firm is opportunistic within the therapeutics and medical technology domains. However, for therapeutics, the firm focuses mostly on assets that are currently in Phase I or Phase II clinical trials. For Medical Devices, they prefer technologies that already have 510k or PMA clearance. Most importantly though, when investing, The firm requires that the technology has strong clinical evidence of efficacy. Strong evidence of efficacy is the most important criteria for the firm when investing in therapeutics and medical technology.

The firm is looking for a management team with a strong history of success as serial entrepreneurs or with strong clinical backgrounds. For investment opportunities without FDA clearance, the firm prefers seeing management teams with prior success in achieving FDA approval or candidates who have strong background from big pharma.

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RESI Boston Partnering Launches Monday: Are You Ready?

8 Aug

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Partnering for RESI Boston launches on Monday August 12th, when RESI attendees will commence booking meetings with hundreds of investors from all over the world. Each attendee can book up to 16 one-on-one meetings with investors of all types, strategic partners, service providers and startups from seed to series B.

RESI’s uniquely valuable Partnering experience is powered by investor data sourced by LSN’s Investor Research team.  This data helps startups target investors who are a fit for their company in terms of technology, stage of development, and other factors.  This is why hundreds of life science deals have begun at RESI in the last 6 years.

Who could you meet at RESI?  Take a look below.  If you’d like access to RESI Partnering at launch on Monday, register now.

Confirmed RESI Boston Investors

Hot Investor Mandate: Boston Healthtech Fund Invests in Seed, Series A and Series B Deals

8 Aug

An early-stage healthcare technology venture capital investment firm based in Boston raised $200 million for its first dedicated healthcare technology-focused fund. The firm primarily invests in companies in the seed, Series A and B stages targeting healthcare technology and services and is seeking 8-10 new investments within the next year. The firm typically invests an initial range of $1-8M and may go up to investing $20M per company overall, though the size may vary depending on the opportunity. The firm primarily invests in companies based in the US, though is open to companies on a global level. The firm seeks to be a significant investor in any of its portfolio companies and will often serve on the boards of those companies.

In the healthcare technology sector, the firm is actively seeking new investments in healthcare software and services sectors with a specific focus on healthcare analytics, healthcare infrastructure, and novel service delivery models. The firm has a specific interest in transformational technologies and services that enable value-based healthcare and leverage wireless, data and analytics technologies. The firm currently is not focused on therapeutics or medical device investment opportunities, though has interest in medical devices with a software/data component, such as sensors. The firm may be open to 510K devices, however, it is not interested in regulated devices. The firm is indication agnostic and invests in pre-revenue to growth stage products.

The firm seeks to invest in privately held companies with a strong and experience management team. The group prefers to invest in companies with cutting-edge technologies and large market potential.

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