Calling All AI Investors and AI CEOs for Panelist Slots – 4D Meets AI Digital Conference September 17 -18

18 Jun

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Life Science Nation (LSN), through its Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) global conference series, has built an international partnering and funding infrastructure that helps investors source assets, and CEOs find capital and channel partners. LSN’s basic thesis is that having a conference once or twice a year doesn’t map well against the actual needs of doing business, and so it created the RESI conference series of partnering events taking place every couple of months to keep the dialogue moving. RESI facilitates early-stage life science players to develop new relationships, move along existing conversations or finalize the potential for a deal. This creates a vehicle to source, vet and finalize opportunities that fills a large gap in the life science arena, resulting in hundreds of companies that have been funded through the LSN network.

Extending the RESI partnering event by adding a standalone 4D Meets AI Digital Conference alongside RESI is a natural next step for LSN’s global partnering strategy. LSN’s current plan is to aggregate and embed new, cutting-edge, technologies into our global funding infrastructure to leverage the tsunami of new products and services emerging in the healthcare domain. If you are part of the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data/-omics, Intelligent Agent, Smart Monitoring, Expert System, AI/Drug Development, AI Preclinical and Clinical, AI Imaging and Precision Medicine communities, and would like to participate as a panelist, please fill out the form below for this exciting opportunity. Please review the agenda below.

Preliminary Agenda Now Available
Accepting New Panelists!


Women In Bio CEOs Live Pitch Session from Digital RESI June

18 Jun

By Erich White, Business Development Manager, West Coast, LSN

Last Wednesday, June 10th, Women In Bio (WIB) sponsored a live pitch session during Digital RESI June that featured five companies led by women founders, followed by Q&A by a panel of five global investors. These companies had a chance to showcase their technology to a live audience, and to demonstrate their passion and commitment to their companies.

Watch a recording of the live session here


As part of their mission to support women in the life sciences, WIB sponsored this pitch session, to expose these women founders to as many global investors as possible. RESI served as a perfect partner, utilizing RESI’s global investor network that regularly participate in our events.

As an organizer of the WIB delegation, Sibylle Hauser, Chair WIB-Entrepreneur Center, commented, “RESI is a great conference and platform to gain women entrepreneurs exposure and experience. I really like the value of the feedback. A lot of these women entrepreneurs don’t get feedback on their approach or pitch from an investor’s point of view. So, the Digital RESI June pitch session is helping them hone in more and target their pitch to investors.”

Lisa Iadicicco, Executive Director of WIB added, “we wanted to create an event that would speak to a national audience and RESI and LSN offered a platform for us to do just that.”

During Digital RESI June last week, WIB’s sponsored pitch session featured:

  1. Andrea Wang, Co-founder & CEO of AHEAD Medicine
  2. Meesha Dogan, Co-founder & CEO of Cardio Diagnostic Inc.
  3. Eydis Lima, Founder & CEO of Dermadiagnostics
  4. Caitlin Cameron, Chair & CEO of OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc.
  5. Helena Cowley, CEO of Oxidien Pharmaceuticals

Digital RESI June Leading the Way in Digital Partnering – RESI Video Partnering Actually Works!

18 Jun

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

LSN continues to hold all-virtual RESI events, and each Digital RESI event surpasses the one before. At last week’s Digital RESI June Conference, we saw a record number of meetings taking place, with 2000+ meetings scheduled over three days across the globe. RESI logged over 800 hours of video conversations, as RESI attendees fit months of continuous meetings into a raucous three days of interactive dialogue. Digital RESI continues to provide a venue, albeit virtual, for investors and companies to connect, meet, maintain or transact business relationships. As with all RESI conferences, the 1:1 ratio of companies to investors promotes a lot of interaction, and, as the graph below shows, almost 80% of the meetings that took place were between companies and investors who were a fit for them. RESI continues to have a global reach, with people from all over the world connecting and participating in meetings, as demonstrated by the images below, depicting the partnering website traffic at different times.

Investors Are Doing Business As Usual

As many investors stressed in the panels recorded for RESI, they are still open for business, and RESI will continue to hold digital events to facilitate advancing relationships. Make sure to register for our upcoming 2-Day Dedicated Partnering Event, taking place July 27-28th, and our next Digital RESI, taking place Sept. 14-16th!

June 9th, 2020, at 3:00 a.m. Est

June 9th, 2020, at 9:00 a.m. Est

Hot Investor Mandate: USA Family Office Invests Up to $10M in Global Therapeutics Startups, with Strong Interests in Antibodies, Biologics, etc.

18 Jun

A family office with USA offices has a focus on the social impact as an overall investment mandate. The firm aims to fund cutting-edge therapeutics companies, through their accelerator arm while also investing in later-stage assets. The firm will invest globally. For their accelerator arm, the firm is seeking companies with pre-clinical and clinical therapeutics with a minimum initial investment of $1M-$10M, with the possibility of follow-on investments. The firm generally invests in companies with lead assets in Phase I – III clinical trials, and the amount of the allocation is based on the raise and pre-money valuation of the company.

The firm is looking for therapeutics companies, with a particular interest in biologics assets such as antibody-based technologies, cell and gene therapies. The firm mandate focused on regenerative and personalized medicine in oncology, neurodegenerative, orphan, and rare disease applications.

The firm will only consider companies that have more than two assets in the pipeline and experienced management team.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: China VC/PE Firm Invests in Biotech & Medtech, Focusing on Unmet Medical Needs with Strong China Market Potential

18 Jun

A venture capital / private equity firm headquartered in China manages both  US and RMB denominated funds. The firm invests in Series A rounds at $1-2M, though its sweet spot is investing $10-15M in Series B/C rounds. The firm works closely with local provincial Chinese governments, allowing them the ability to bring technology successfully into the Chinese market. The firm will generally not invest in the seed stage, and seeks opportunities globally.

The firm invests in pharmaceuticals and Class II medical devices, including an interest in 505(b)(2) repurposed compounds, as well as healthcare-related industries. The firm is interested in all therapeutic areas and in early to mid development stage companies. The firm focuses on unmet medical needs with a China market potential.

The firm does not have management team requirements. The firm will typically take a board seat post-investment, and has the capability to lead and co-invest.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: Europe-Based Venture & Growth Capital Firm Invests Up €15M in US & Europe Medical Device & Digital Health Companies

18 Jun

Based in Europe, a venture and growth capital firm provides expertise and funding to entrepreneurs and companies with global ambitions in life sciences and information technologies. The firm focuses on early to growth and expansion stage including spin-offs and restarts. The firm prefers to be the lead investor and possibly co-lead. The firm seeks to allocate €7-15 million (in equity) per company through subsequent rounds of investment. The firm seeks to invest in companies that are based in the US and Europe. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm seeks to invest in medical devices and digital health. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. Medical devices with a therapeutic focus are of high interest. The firm seeks growth stage companies with early sales or with products that, at minimum, have regulatory approval (CE mark) and compelling clinical data.

The firm requests a board seat in each portfolio company and generally holds a significant minority stake. The firm seeks a company with a strong management team or technical experts in the relevant technology.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

Hot Investor Mandate: China Investment Firm Deploys Up to $5M in Early-Stage Companies & $50M in Growth-Stage Companies Across Various Life Science Sectors

18 Jun

An investment firm headquartered in China with an additional office in the USA invests exclusively in the life science sector; the firm invests primarily in the USA and China, but will also invest in other regions such as Europe and Canada. Within China, the firm makes growth investments in companies that have existing revenues; in the USA and other regions, the firm makes both venture and growth-equity stage investments in both pre-revenue and revenue-stage companies. The firm’s allocations are highly varied. From the main fund, investments typically range from $15-50 million, though larger investments are of interest as well; the firm has another fund focused on earlier stage companies that actively makes investments of typically $2-5 million, generally in financing rounds of $10 million or less. The firm is open to syndication. The firm is also particularly interested in working with companies that are open to or actively interested in seeking partnerships or opportunities in China.

The firm invests in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare services, and clinically-oriented healthcare IT, and will consider investing in any indication area or technology subsector; however, orphan indications, dermatology/aesthetics, oncology, and blood diseases are of particular interest in the biopharma space; general surgery, neurovascular, cardiovascular, minimally invasive technologies, women’s health, respiratory care, novel diagnostics and orthopedics are of particular interest in the device space. The fund for earlier stage companies focuses on early stage opportunities in biotech; from the main fund, the firm in most cases makes investments in products that have obtained market approval or are very close to commercialization, but earlier investments may be considered for highly innovative products or products that can demonstrate strong efficacy signals at an earlier stage (such as anti-infectives). For devices and diagnostics, the firm only invests in commercial-stage companies.  Generally, the firm does not invest in imaging.

The firm is flexible regarding management teams, and works with both serial entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who lack industry experience.  In addition to investing in private companies, the firm is able to invest in public companies by means of PIPEs or public market placements. The firm is interested in investing in companies with products that can demonstrate cost-effectiveness.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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